Happy Webiversary: 12 Months of Recruiting Webinars, Consolidated

Today marks the one-year anniversary of our first webinar. This Thursday morning last year, we were figuring out how to say “Testing, testing,” into the webinar speakerphone at a normal pitch. In the 12 months since, we’ve watched over 16,000 recruiters, managers, and startup founders register for 40+ webinars. We’ve delved into topics like the state of employer branding in 2016, the need to throw job descriptions away for good, and the hot topic of recruitment marketing. This year has been a whirlwind, and we wouldn’t change a thing.  

To celebrate, we’re reliving and recapping our last 12 months of webinars in this post. When you scroll through, our hope is that you find a webinar recording that can help you tackle your latest recruiting challenges. 

Thank you to all of our webinar guests for making this year incredible; here’s to hoping we get to work with you again!

10/27: Hiring for Growth – Tips from Stealth Through Series C

The One Where We Broke New Lever Ground

This was our first webinar ever, and we were eager to get our feet wet with our friend Chris Shaw. Now the Director of Talent at Meteor, Chris was the brains behind rapid growth at organizations like Twitter and Illumio. What’s the one thing that has remained constant? His ability to build recruiting powerhouses from scratch. Having experienced no major hitches (that we know of), we emerged from this webinar grinning from ear to ear.

11/10: Hiring for Hypergrowth: Lessons from Lyft

The One Where A Power Outage Almost Doomed Us

In 2013, Lyft had 85 employees. When we did this webinar? 350. Today? More than 1,000. It’s hard to say which is crazier: How quickly they grew or how quickly time has flown by since this first webinar. Despite a power outage at HQ which led to him jumping in a last-minute rideshare to our office (no prizes for guessing which app he used), Lyft’s VP of People Ron Storn shared his crazy hiring story with us.

11/19: How Startups Can Build a Recruiting Machine

The One that Reminded Us We Were Onto Something With This Whole Recruiting Software Thing

Visionary VC David Skok once dubbed recruiting the third crucial startup skill. And considering how many teams he’s founded, led, and advised, we think that’s a pretty big deal. Ultimately, we walked away from this webinar with a renewed sense of how vital hiring is, and we think you will too.

12/2: How to Crack Quality of Hire Through Superior Interviewing

The One that Kicked Off a One-of-A-Kind Partnership

Was this really almost a year ago now? This was the first time Lou Adler joined us for a webinar, and it truly marked the start of a fantastic partnership. Lou shared his formula for successful interviewing, and we were more than psyched to have access to it.  

1/13: Founder Q&A: How to Scale Startup Hiring the Right Way

The One Where A Founder Reminded Us Everyone is a Recruiter

Our guest, Karthik Sridharan, is co-founder and CEO of Kinnek. As a leader who literally had to build his team from scratch, we think his recruiting advice will be enlightening for any recruiter looking to create new processes, no matter how large or small your team.

1/20: The 1 Trick to Engaging Employees in Recruiting

The One That Motivated Us to Practice What We Preach

Looking for a surefire way to ACTUALLY get your fellow employees excited about recruiting? Start with empowering them to tell your brand story in their own, authentic voice. In this webinar, Brand Amper’s inimitable Jason Seiden inspired us to help every Leveroo rethink the stories they tell on LinkedIn.

1/27: How to Freshen Up Your Sourcing Strategy in 2016 

The One That Will Keep Your Sourcing Strategy Fresh

2016 is coming to a close, but Jer’s ideas for ramping up your sourcing strategy will never get old. Jer may have more than 15 years of sourcing experience to draw upon, yet he always makes sure his tips on candidate outreach and the best places to source stay super fresh.

2/3: 6 Steps to Build a Talent Acquisition Program Business Case

The One With More Effective Strategies than “Show Me the Money”

You know the famous movie line “Show me the money”? Well, we’re not suggesting you use that line to get more resources for your recruiting team. In this recording, our featured speaker Kara Yarnot gave our audience a rock-solid framework (and worksheet) for calculating the ROI of their recruiting initiatives and fighting for more investment in their entire team.

2/16: How to Win Your Unfair Share of Technical Talent  

The One That Reminded Us of What Not To Say to Candidates

When it comes to recruiting technical candidates, the struggle might be real for you right now. Could it be that you’re making mistakes that are turning engineers off? Or that you’re not quite making the right first impression? This is where Jordan Burton, Founder of Burton Advisors, weighed in.

3/1: How to Dump Skills-Infested Job Descriptions

The One with the Key to Writing a Compelling Job Description

We’re not exaggerating: Your quality of hire is directly linked to the quality of your job descriptions. In Round Two with Lou, he told us how to focus on the actual work your candidate will do rather than the skills they’re bringing to the table. If you want to hire the best people, that mental shift is key.

3/15: Fireside Chat Q&A: The State of Employer Branding in 2016

The One Where We Learned How to Use Snapchat For Employer Branding

One of our favorite parts of this webinar was when Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse, and Lars Schmidt, Founder of Amplify Talent, weighed in on Snapchat as an employer branding vehicle. We’d been wondering about that… But in this insight-filled Q&A, you’ll also find out much more about how to assess your employer branding strategies.

4/14: Hiring for Scale: 13 Hiring Hacks in 30 Minutes

The One Where We Learned Our CMO is a Recruiting Mastermind In Her Spare Time

If you’re skeptical that anyone would be able to squeeze in 13 meaty hiring hacks in 30 minutes, listen for yourself. We already loved our CMO, Leela Srinivasan, but after this webinar, we truly wondered how we got so lucky.

4/26: How to Unlock Sales and Marketing Secrets in Recruiting

The One That Inspired 1:1s Between Recruiters and Marketers Everywhere

Sales and marketing have more in common with recruiting than you think. Take the strategic messaging in marketing and the need to build relationships with prospects in sales, for example. Those skills most certainly apply to recruiting. In this webinar, our resident marketing expert Leela Srinivasan joined Hired’s SVP of People Kelli Dragovich to form one fantastic sales-marketing tips power duo.

5/5: The ROI of Enhancing Your Candidate Experience

The One With The Most Impressive Recruiting Metaphor We’ve Ever Heard

Not too many recruiting experts share William Tincup’s knack for crafting metaphors. Not too many authors do either for that matter. In this webinar, we remember being just as impressed by his vivid imagery as we were by his actionable steps to create a compelling candidate experience.

5/11: How to Make the Ultimate Case for Building a Diverse Team

The One That Brought #diversityintech out of the Twittersphere and into the workplace

These days, it’s hard to come by a team that isn’t talking about diversity in tech. Conversations around #diversityintech and #changetheratio are happening constantly in the Twittersphere. Still if you don’t quite know how to articulate why diversity on teams is important, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Jeremy gave us several powerful tools to do so in this webinar. 

6/9: How to Leverage Events to Fill Your Recruiting Pipeline

The One that Got Us Asking About Our Next Company Happy Hour

With so much talk about how sourcing has gone mainstream, it can feel impossible to differentiate your messaging. Back in June, Jess Hayes, People and Talent at Lost My Name, told us why events may be the differentiating factor you need, and how to hit the ground running as you plan your first happy hours and meetups. 

6/14: How to Select and Sell Throughout the Recruiting Process

The One that Inspired 1:1s Between Recruiters and Sales Reps Everywhere

The number of computer science jobs is growing twice as fast as the national average for job growth. By 2020, there will be 1.4 million new computer science jobs but only 400,000 computer science students. Tech talent may be getting sparser by the second, but our friend and CEO of Aline Lerner was once a coder herself. Combining insights from her research and own experience, she told us how to beat the odds.

6/23: Sourcing from the Big League: Landing Your Top Prospects

The One That Resonated with Underdogs Everywhere

If you’re a smaller company without a well-known brand, this webinar was for meant for you! Jordan Burton, founder of recruiting consultancy firm Burton Advisors, was back again, and he divulged tips on how to source from the big leagues as the underdog.

7/13: How to Structure your Interview Process

The One Where We Went Back to the Recruiting Basics

To say that the interview process entails several moving pieces is an understatement. If you’re looking for advice on when to sync with your hiring manager, assign focus areas to your interviewers, and collect feedback, we answered your burning questions in this webinar. As the first full-time business recruiter at Optimizely, Amina Moinuddin has structured her fair share of interview processes.

7/19: My Recruiting Mistakes: Our Poolside Chat with Stacy Zapar

The One Where We Went Poolside in a Lever Conference Room

It’s easy for us to revel in our successes. Our mistakes, not so much. Luckily, recruiting leader Stacy Donovan Zapar was willing to join us in this webinar and admit where she went wrong so that other recruiters could avoid those same snafus. The bonus? We took the “poolside chat” theme literally, meaning there were tropical drinks and beach balls involved.

7/27: How to Attract Talent as an Unknown or Misunderstood Brand

The One For Companies That Have Ever Been Misunderstood

Have you ever lost a candidate because they misinterpreted your company mission? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your brand isn’t well-liked? Will Staney, Founder and Principal Consultant at Proactive Talent Strategies, was here to help. And don’t worry, he also had advice for companies who don’t face those specific problems, but just don’t know how to publicize their brand.

8/3: Why Most Job Descriptions are Useless, and How to Fix Them

The One with Our Sassiest Webinar Title Yet

Here at Lever, we made it our mission to throw out job descriptions and replace them with a tool that actually engages candidates: impact descriptions. In this webinar, our Head of Employee Experience and Development Jennifer Kim showed us that when we tell candidates what they will own, learn, and teach in their role, we motivate them to invest in our interview processes.

8/11: How to Build a Proactive Sourcing Strategy

The One Where a Lever Webinar Star Was Born

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. In today’s market, a proactive sourcing strategy is essential. We were hanging on every word from our technical sourcer, James Briggs, as he shared how he’s helped build the engineering team that we’re so proud of today.

8/17: Lou Adler Unplugged: Take the Live Recruiting Challenge

The One Where the Biggest Challenge of the Day was a Webinar Technical Difficulty

We have no shame in admitting that this might have been our most technically challenged webinar yet. Despite the initial hiccups, however, Lou managed to tackle our audience’s recruiting challenges with the expertise and fearlessness that we predicted. Lou, can we recruit you tackle our obstacles all the time?

8/24: Learning from Eventbrite’s Recruitment Marketing Machine

The One Where We Learned Recruiting and Storytelling Are a Match Made in Heaven

You may not have heard of recruitment marketing, but it’s actually been around for a while. And the Eventbrite team has both prioritized and mastered it. If you want to use storytelling to fill your pipeline with highly sought-after talent, you’ll want to give Deniz Gultekin, Eventbrite’s head of Employment Branding, your full attention.

9/29: 5 Findings About Interviewing for Every Tech Recruiter

The One That Made Us Regret Obsessing Over Our Resume Font in Job Applications

One surprising finding Aline revealed? That resumes aren’t always as important as you’ve been groomed to think by career experts everywhere. We were truly blown away by many of her revelations here, so we highly encourage you to listen to the recording and absorb her four other findings.

 10/19: Recruiting Benchmarks 2016: See How You Stack Up

The One That Made Us Giddy About Recruiting Metrics

We analyzed data from 1,000 companies across 12 months and 4 million candidate considerations. And after our analysis, we were excited to reveal answers to questions like how many candidates it takes to reach a hire, what the most efficient sources of hire are, and how time to hire varies by role. We know you’re curious…

10/25: Taking the Horror out of Hiring Metrics this Halloween

The One That Showed Us Hiring Metrics Aren’t Nearly As Scary as A lot of Halloween Costumes

In all of our excitement for Halloween, we decided to tackle our fears of hiring metrics this past Tuesday. Shout-out to all you recruiters who panic when anyone talks about becoming a data-driven recruiting org; this webinar was made for you. Don’t worry, we were here to tell you which data you can analyze.

Wow, we’ve covered a lot of ground. Thank you to all of our webinar partners who have helped us create content that we’re proud of in the past year. We can’t wait for round two!