Target top job boards with new integrations

As of today, it is easier than ever to reach quality candidates on the job boards you trust with Lever’s job board integrations. We’ve spoken with companies large and small, spanning different industries and geographies to help us understand what is important to our customers. With this launch, we’re empowering you to take a thoughtful approach to using job boards, making it even easier for you to drive quality applicants from the boards you know and trust.

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Advantages of Lever’s job board integrations:

  1. Post with one click: Our integrations enable one-click posting to Linkedin and Glassdoor, making it easy to promote your open roles and communicate your company brand.
  2. Target high-performing job sources: Lever enables you to post jobs to any board. This means you can clear through the noise and target the places where you find the highest quality candidates.
  3. Save time with bulk posting: Through our partnership with JobTarget and our XML feed, all your open roles can be posted to the boards of your choice at once.
  4. Track your progress: Use Lever’s reporting to determine job board success by role and refine your posting strategy, so you drive the highest quality candidates to open jobs.

Job board integrations will be rolled out to all Lever customers using a current edition of Lever by the end of October. If you’d like to learn more about this feature, please read the help article  or watch a walkthrough video.

One-click partners:


Glassdoor is widely known as a destination site to research companies, prepare for interviews, and gauge employee happiness. In addition to serving as a research destination, Glassdoor is also a popular job listing site for active job seekers. Over 31 million unique job seekers visit Glassdoor each month in search of new career opportunities. For employers, Glassdoor offers the opportunity to highlight job openings to a highly qualified, enthusiastic, and diverse candidate pool. Most employers find Glassdoor to provide the most highly qualified inbound candidates, as applicants have typically researched opportunities and companies extensively before submitting applications, creating an engaged and active pipeline.



As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn can enable you to reach candidates you can’t find anywhere else. LinkedIn automatically advertises your job posting to their members with profiles that would be a great match for your role with smart targeting that puts your job listing in front of candidates with the right skills and experience even if they aren’t active job seekers.