Talent Innovation Summit Countdown: Discover New Talent Pools with Paired Sourcing

At this year’s Talent Innovation Summit, we’re focused on keeping our sessions interactive and providing as much value as possible to our attendees.

One hidden Summit gem? The chance to sign up for a free, personalized sourcing sprint. Jer Langhans and James Temple from Paired Sourcing, whose company mission is to help companies handcraft a full, promising talent pipeline, will be setting up shop in our partner area. Throughout the Summit, they’ll run 20-minute sourcing sprints with our attendees, serving up new candidate pools that they can begin tapping into the next day.

Wondering what these ‘sourcing sprints’ will entail? So were we. Luckily, Jer, Co-Founder of Paired Sourcing, gave us a glimpse at what attendees can expect this year. Read his answers below.

1) You were at our inaugural Summit last year. What were your impressions? 

We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but found ourselves immediately impressed with the look  and feel – similar to our experience logging into Lever for the first time.

That initial impression was trumped by the caliber of individual we met right away. The user group is strong, and the leadership from stage was on point. Overall, the Summit became an instant classic for us, especially the after-hours hacking we did with our new friends!

2) What are you most excited about for this year’s Summit?

The fact that we are going to get to help folks out – hands on – while at the Summit. James and I love to pair up to crush sprints, so we’re looking forward to delivering a pretty sizable impact!

3) How exactly does a sourcing sprint work?

We source 100 targeted prospects per week for our clients, and then after 2 weeks we do outreach to all 200. The goal is to yield a solid amount of introductions.

4) What’s the significance of pairing up?

Pairing up allows us three competitive advantages:

  1. Speed. Our pace is quicker with a running mate. Especially due to our agile framework along with proper cadence and focus (four eyeballs, two recruiter guts, etc.). 
  2. Quality. Since we are sourcing together, our egos check in and it becomes game mechanics to find the best prospects. 
  3. Cost. Customers only pay for what we can execute fully on. When you compress the critical mass into a tight time frame, the “majik” happens – it’s simple funnel economics.

5) Tell us about one of your more challenging sourcing sprints, and how you tackled it.

We were sourcing for a Ruby on Rails Developer in Montreal, Quebec. We’d never been there, nor sourced for anything there – ever. This startup client had zero employment brand cachet in the marketplace, but we were still able to yield over 40 percent response rate through systematic nurturing in our campaign.

On a more random note: we had a client ask us to sprint on a baseball card grader! (Seriously, ask us offline).

6) Are there any parameters for the types of req you can do a sprint for?

We specialize in sourcing for tech, sales, and executive roles. We’ve done about 20 percent of our business this year in the niche/one-off bucket, however.

Overall, we’ve sourced more than 100,000 candidates for over 100 customers of Paired Sourcing since starting up in the summer of  2015.

7) What will Summit attendees get out of your session?

Book 20 minutes with us, pair up, and we will help you get new ideas (as well as maybe candidates) – essentially a mini sprint for you to take home with you. That way, you’ll have a tangible bonus coming out of your Lever Summit experience this year.

This Q&A just made us even more excited to watch Jer and James run sourcing sprints at our Summit in September. We didn’t know that was possible.

Itching for help in sourcing for your most daunting, hard-to-fill requisitions? Join us in San Francisco on September 18th-19th. We’ll be emailing all Summit registrants nearer the time with details on how to sign up for a personalized sprint with Paired Sourcing, and we’ll also include details in our mobile event app, which will be available for download nearer the time. Don’t forget to check out Lever Nurture, the best sourcing tool on the market.