Talent Innovation Countdown: Your Chance to Stump Lou Adler

When you stick ‘Innovation’ in the name of your event, you put yourself on the hook to deliver truly original and thought-provoking content. Which is why I made sure Lou Adler would be available to challenge our audience at Lever’s Talent Innovation Summit. Because while Lou may have been at this game for decades now, he continually innovates on his model.

Under the microscope on September 19th: referrals. Lou contends that you can find any top tier passive candidate by getting a referral. In fact, he says he’s going to prove it during his breakout session. But talk is cheap. We decided to challenge Lou in an attempt to debunk his claims. You have a chance to help. If you’re attending the Summit, send us details of your toughest hiring challenge, following the instructions below. We’ll hand it over to Lou a few days before the event and ask him how he’d get an outstanding and interested referral for the position.

To add some intrigue to the challenge, there will be a bunch of prizes for those who submit their toughest challenges. Lou says he’ll offer anyone who can stump him, or come close, a full-tuition scholarship to his new self-paced Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems platform. In addition, anyone who submits a reasonable challenge will receive a pass to his advanced networking class: How to Find Recruiter’s Gold. Lou says referrals are gold because they call you back 100% of the time and they’re perfectly qualified. You wouldn’t have called them otherwise. All that’s left is recruiting them.

Here are the basic instructions for participating in the “Stump Lou Adler Challenge:”

  • Pick a position at your organization that’s difficult to fill, either due to a narrow skillset or because the demand for these people far exceeds the supply.
  • Describe any unique characteristics about the job, your company or the hiring manager that makes it even more challenging to fill. This could be, say, a poor reputation as an employer, a hiring manager who’s tough to work with, or a compensation package far below the average.
  • Describe the employee value proposition in no more than one or two sentences. This describes why a top-tier passive candidate would find your job appealing.
  • Send a link to the public job description.

Lou might contact you ahead of time to get some clarification and help you make the connection to the person. During his breakout session, he’ll use some of your examples to show how he found some great referrals or at least how he’d go about it.

Remember, you must be attending the Summit in order to have the opportunity to stump Lou Adler. This is one session you absolutely do not want to miss, unless you have no trouble finding spectacular talent without referrals.

I can’t wait to see who can stump Lou! Register for the Summit now to give it your best shot.