We’re Spotlighting 4 Exceptional Teams for International Recruiters Day

Today is International Recruiters Day. So we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to pay homage to our team builders, matchmakers, and best candidate advocates. Companies across the globe – whether in San Francisco or Sydney – rely on the hard work of recruiters to reach their most ambitious milestones. Think about it: it’d be pretty hard to hit those huge revenue goals without the manpower to make it happen, wouldn’t it?

To celebrate this day, we sat down with a few members of our customer success team who collectively work with hundreds of recruiters. On a daily basis, they hear about how far talent orgs go to support and empower their entire company. Below, our team explains why they think the recruiters at, Blue Bottle Coffee, Komaza, and SiteMinder are exceptional. But this post goes out to every recruiter who goes above and beyond to set their company up for success (including our own incredible recruiting team, pictured above). Happy International Recruiters Day! London, UK 

Here’s what Darin Winter, Customer Success Manager, admires: 

1) They want their teammates and candidates to have the same great experience across regions is located in London, Mauritius, San Francisco, Berlin, Boston, Hong-Kong, Singapore, and Berlin (incredible, right?), so it’d be very easy to sideline collaboration. Instead, they put an emphasis on consistency, team wide training, and internal communication across all regions. This is clear through the detailed questions they ask; they want to make sure every person has the right tools and processes to work more productively.

They’re also committed to building a spectacular employer brand and sourcing strategy that gives candidates across the world a great introduction to the team. They know to proactively go after candidates whether they’re in Mauritius or Berlin, and they also want candidates to have the same experience no matter where they interview.

2) They’ve seamlessly integrated Lever into their greater process has a large global team, but each recruiter has claimed the space of expertise where can they drive good practices. I work most closely with Yulia, Olivier and Louis. I admire how detail-oriented they are. Their feedback is super valuable because they help us think about how Lever can best support the entire candidate experience. They’re invested in making our product better, so our relationship with them feels like a true partnership.

3) We learn from each other

I really enjoy working with them. I’m grateful to work with people who I can sit down and have an illuminating conversation with. It’s less about talking at each other, and much more about talking with each other. They are very flexible to learn best practices they might not be aware of, and I’m always eager to hear their feedback.

They’re serious about resolutions and increasing their success. But at the same time, they keep it light and make sure we all enjoy the work we’re doing.

Blue Bottle Coffee: Oakland, CA

Here’s what Evan Sharp, Customer Success Manager, admires: 

1) They do the impossible job of recruiting for both retail and HQ positions (and do it really well)

Not many teams can effectively recruit for high-volume retail roles like chefs, baristas, store leadership, and corporate roles like HR business partners and the Director of Engineering. At Blue Bottle Coffee, the same recruiter will be responsible for both sides. Wearing both of those hats each day is a huge challenge, but they do it well because they thoughtfully apply their past learnings to this new experience.

They also have an intellectual curiosity that allows them to forge into uncharted territory. As a truly innovative company, they ask the tough questions and face new challenges head on. If there isn’t a process, they build it. If there’s a need to improve, they do what’s necessary to make it happen.

2) They attack lofty hiring goals and actually hit them

The recruiting team knows that in order for all of Blue Bottle to hit their goals, they have to hit theirs. To do that, they’ve all adopted a sourcing mentality; no one can say “I’m not a sourcer.” Each team member goes after the different places candidates live.

They also partner with really closely with other stakeholders to hit their goals. It’s never ‘us against the business;’ they work closely with hiring managers, HR, finance, and their creative team to refine their recruiting strategies.

3) They work really, really hard

We’ve done workshops, calls in the trenches, and multiple visits because there’s a lot of work to do. But we’ve built an amazing relationship along the way, and I really enjoy collaborating with them. They have great leadership on their team, and they’re not afraid to ask me challenging questions that make us better. The truth is, we’re more successful when the recruiting teams ask us questions. The status quo is no one’s friend.

SiteMinder: Sydney, Australia

Here’s what Gina Hernandez, Customer Success Manager, admires: 

1) They’re passionate about learning new tools and strategies

In every interaction I have with them, SiteMinder is super engaged. I get the sense that they’re super passionate about what they do, and they want to be the best at it. That’s evident through the feedback they give and questions they ask. They love to learn about new feature rollouts, and they’re always excited to understand how they can improve their workflow. 

They’re also just incredibly personable. Even when they give product feedback, they do so in a positive, empathetic way. They’re advocates for Lever and for each other.

2) They dig into data in order to measure and prove success

The SiteMinder team looks at metrics around their past performance in order to improve in the future, and they use them to communicate with the rest of the team and illustrate how much value they’re adding. Through looking at Lever reports, they showcase their impact, make tangible progress, and make sure all their processes go smoothly even as they manage a ton of open roles.

3) They keep their recruiting pipeline organized and clean

This team is on it. Their processes are tidy and they’re getting the most out of Lever. Because they consistently move candidates through their pipeline, they provide a better experience for them. Candidates aren’t just sitting there waiting to hear back.

Also, their clean process makes all new recruiters’ lives much easier. It’d be easy to get sucked into the day-to-day of just thinking about your candidates and not your team, but they always think about the state they leave their accounts in. Because everything is organized, there’s no way a new person would get lost if they had to pick up where someone else left off.

Komaza: Kilifi, Kenya

Here’s what Monika Evje, Implementation Specialist, admires: 

1) They have an incredible mission

Komaza has landed on a brilliant way to kill two birds with one stone. From what I understand, they equip farmers in Kenya with tree saplings and knowledge of how to grow them, and then the farmers can harvest the trees and sell the wood down the line. Their mission is to empower farmers with new ways to make a reliable income. I’m so grateful to work with them.

2) They recruit strategically to get results

Throughout our implementation, they zeroed in on building a well-thought-out project plan. Because there’s a huge time difference between Kenya and California, we developed this Q&A sheet where they could put questions rather than waiting for a phone call, and they used our implementation guide and tutorials to learn on their own.

Komaza has also built out a very structured recruiting process. First off, they work really hard to craft their custom application questions. Also, they’ve created these extensive assignments for candidates in order to keep the bar really high and bring top notch worldwide specialists to Kenya. They work hard to bring in the best employees in the field, and they don’t settle for less.

3) They know how to support their fellow hiring stakeholders

Recruiting is cross-functional. Sometimes, it can feel like you have to juggle a constant stream of requests from teams across the org. But great recruiters like those at Komaza position themselves as equal business partners.

The Komaza recruiting team equips hiring managers with important instructions so that they’re successful in interviews. They describe what hiring expectations are and establish rules around filling in feedback. Moving forward, they also plan to create documentation for different teams so that they have a resource where they can learn more about Lever.

And that’s a wrap on our spotlights! We’re grateful to Blue Bottle,, Komaza, SiteMinder, and every recruiter out there for tirelessly supporting their teams. 

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