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See What’s New in the Premium Lever and LinkedIn Integration

At Lever and LinkedIn, we’re always looking for ways to improve the lives of our users. That’s why last year we built an integration to help our shared customers work seamlessly between our two systems.

With the premium integration, Lever shares key information with LinkedIn, and vice versa, so customers always have the full candidate picture and can engage candidates quickly no matter what system they’re in.

“The Lever and LinkedIn integration is a huge timesaver,” says Marie-Josée Marcotte, Senior Advisor of Talent Acquisition at Cirque du Soleil. “I can quickly import candidates from LinkedIn, communicate with them, and see InMails right in Lever.”

Today, as a LinkedIn Preferred Partner, we’re excited to announce even more enhancements thanks to Recruiter System Connect (RSC). With LinkedIn RSC, we’re syncing more data and helping users engage candidates quicker than ever.

Here are all the benefits you’ll receive as a user of Lever and LinkedIn Recruiter.

How the integration works in Lever

LinkedIn Recruiter and Lever Integration 2.png

  • Automatically generate candidate profiles and move them to the right stage the moment a candidate responds to an InMail, so you don’t have to sweat the administrative stuff. 
  • Sync all InMails and Notes so you’re always up to speed on past exchanges.
  • View up-to-date LinkedIn profiles so you don’t need to leave Lever to see what a candidate has been up to.
  • Start the InMail process or begin saving candidates to LinkedIn projects for seamless navigation between Lever and LInkedIn.
  • Sign up for updates to get notified on your Recruiter homepage the moment a candidate moves jobs or makes other changes to their LinkedIn profile.

How the integration works in LinkedIn

RSC - in LinkedIn.png

  • Export to ATS with one click. Import candidates to Lever in a flash. 
  • In-ATS indicator. Revisit your warm leads or avoid embarrassing double outreach by knowing which candidates are already in Lever.
  • Rich candidate information. See past candidate information from Lever like jobs candidates interviewed for, stage progression, and why they were archived, to make faster decisions when you’re sourcing in LinkedIn.
  • Past applicants spotlight. Easily view all of your past applicants who applied via LinkedIn with the past applicants spotlight.

The Lever difference

Our deep integration with LinkedIn is just one of many ways Lever powers passive candidate sourcing.

Lever is the only ATS with true CRM foundations for cultivating relationships over time, a Chrome extension that lets you send emails right from LinkedIn, and Lever Nurture – a breakthrough product designed to maximize sourcing results with personalizable email campaigns that automate 100 percent of the follow up work.

We are confident that Lever is the best hiring software for recruiting top passive talent, while also providing all of the structure and functionality of a traditional ATS, and we’d love to show why.

Request a demo if you’re interested in learning more about our LinkedIn integration and taking your proactive talent strategy to the next level.

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