Reference Check Form [Free Template]

reference check form free template

When 62 percent of job seekers have embellished their skill set, reference checks can be a valuable tool to help your team make informed hiring decisions. Hiring managers ultimately make the decision, so it’s in their best interest to conduct the reference check—but they may not know how.

Well, we’ve got your team’s back. We’ve put together a handy reference check form to make this process more efficient for your team. Your hiring managers won’t have to wonder what questions they should be asking references, and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel for every open position. Just save this template and provide it to your hiring managers on an as-needed basis.

Then, when the time comes, your team can pick the questions that will be the most relevant and insightful. You may want to choose questions that are closely aligned with the questions asked during the interview process. For instance, if you asked candidates to tell you about their proudest accomplishment, you could fact-check them by asking their reference to recount that same situation. This can provide additional information, such as the candidate’s specific role in the outcome, so you can better understand their individual impact.

Past performance is the best indicator of future success, and reference checks help you glean a better understanding of what you could expect from your candidate. Empower your hiring managers to gather this important information by giving them the tools they need to do so.

Download this reference check form today!