Recruiters, Pump Up Your Productivity in 2018 with These 3 Integrations

You’ve formulated a game plan for – and perhaps slightly panicked about – your aggressive recruiting targets for 2018. Now, it’s time to get serious about hitting them. We have an idea: what if, instead of resorting to working way harder, you were able to crush your goals by working smarter? If that sounds appealing, read on to learn how three of our most popular and time-saving integrations can help you do exactly that.

1) Accelerate hiring manager collaboration with Slack

Seamless collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers is integral to successful hiring. That’s why one of our favorite integration partners is Slack, a tool built to help teams communicate in real-time. When you use Lever and Slack together, your team can easily work together to submit feedback faster, update candidates sooner, and more. This ease of communication automatically increases your entire company’s productivity and reduces your time to hire top candidates as a result.

Using Lever’s Slack integration, you can post announcements or share information about candidates to Slack channels without leaving Lever. All you need to do is #mention the channel when typing a note on a candidate’s profile. It’s a win for your hiring partners, too – they don’t have to leave their favorite communication tool to see the information.

Our Slack integration also makes interviewers’ lives easier by sending them nifty reminders in Slack 10 minutes before scheduled interviews. These alerts include a link to their interview kit, which has key information to help them get to interviews on time and fully prepared. In an instant, they can find the candidate’s resume and LinkedIn profile, the interview location, customizable interview questions, and their feedback form.

If you’re not already using Slack, the new year is a good time to start. Use this link to access a $100 credit to set up a new Slack workspace!

2) Cut out duplication and source seamlessly between Lever and LinkedIn

Does it feel like you keep clicking on the same candidate profiles? Has your team ever inadvertently emailed the same candidate twice? Activate our new LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration, and say ‘sayonara’ to those sourcing snafus. LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect flags all of the candidates that Lever has “seen” before when you are searching or filtering in LinkedIn Recruiter, saving you from duplicating your efforts.

If, on the other hand, you find someone promising in LinkedIn Recruiter that hasn’t yet made it into your ATS, you can instantly export their LinkedIn profile directly to Lever with a single click and associate it with the job req of your choice. You can also view the LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Recruiter notes, and InMail history of your candidates directly inside Lever.

3) Reach quality candidates on Glassdoor in a single click

When your job postings are in front of a large network of candidates, you’re productive even when you’re not actively putting in work. Glassdoor, the world’s leading platform for employee reviews, gives employers that luxury by offering the opportunity to highlight job openings to a highly qualified candidate pool.

Considering that Glassdoor is a destination site – where applicants often research companies, prepare for interviews, and glean insights from current and former employees – many employers find it to be a key source of engaged and active talent. Using Lever’s one-click integration, you can publish all your job openings on Glassdoor and instantly reach more candidates.

Want to start leveraging Glassdoor in the new year? Sign up for a free employer account using this link, and sign up for a free 7 Day sponsored job posting trial here!

2 percent of 2018 is already in the rearview mirror. What are you going do to make the most of the remaining 98 percent? We think leveraging these productivity-enhancing integrations is a great place to start.

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