Real-Time Reports That Put Your Data to Work

Your hiring activity generates a lot of data. But it’s not always clear which data matters, and how to put it to use. With the latest recruiting reports we’ve built in Lever, you’ll get insights on how well your team is working and where you can improve your hiring process.

recruiting reports conversion rates

You can run a report to see which sources lead to more candidates moving forward through the Conversion Rates Report to see how that impacts your final number of hires. And, you can drill into the candidate data behind each statistic. Use reports to reveal the critical levers of how your team hires.

To make hiring your strategic advantage, you need a way to track all the moving parts. Relying solely on anecdotal or high-level data won’t give you the full context you need to drive change. The only way to accomplish this accurately is to see activity and decisions in aggregate. Now, you can.

(1) Investigate the process

recruiting reports conversion rates

Are a high percentage of candidates converting from phone screen? Being too liberal with your phone interviews can end up costing you and your team a lot of time and money in onsite interviews.

Is interviewing distributed fairly? Or are some team members spending a lot more time interviewing than you realized. What kinds of decisions are being made at each stage in the pipeline? Are there any surprises when you see your conversion rates? Dig into every bit of detail from the top to the bottom of your hiring funnel.

(2) Gather insights from candidate data

Why did it take 82 candidates an average of 52 days to get hired? Are these the numbers that you expected? The high-level overview reports will tell you what happened. But candidate-level data is where you’ll uncover why something happened. Get your recruiting analytics straight from the source and figure out what’s behind these numbers by drilling into each candidate story.

recruiting reports candidates

(3) Build custom reports

custom recruiting reports

Keep digging into your data. Use our built in filters to create custom reports. “How does Annie’s interview feedback compare to that of the broader engineering team?” “How long does it take us to hire a candidate for the iOS Engineer role from the time that a candidate enters our system?” “How many interviews did Keith schedule last month for passive candidates who we sourced from LinkedIn?” This is what next-level granularity looks like. And it can all be achieved through Lever’s extremely flexible filter, built into each and every report.  

(4) Export your data

recruiting reports data export

Want to continue analyzing your data outside of Lever? Do it! Clicking on the “Download to spreadsheet” button allows you to export each and every piece of data, each and every custom report built through the app.