Our Q&A with Google Dave: How to Attract Top Talent by Thinking Like a Marketer

Want to increase the response rate to your recruiting emails? Marketing can help. Hoping to attract more inbound applicants? Marketing can help. Need to hire more than 45 people by the end of this year? You guessed it: marketing can help.

But don’t take our word for it. Dave Hazlehurst, a.k.a. “Google Dave” a.k.a. Partner at Ph. Creative, knows exactly how digital marketing strategies can help teams recruit more successfully. And on August 16th, he’s going to join us for a webinar to share his secrets with us. What are we most excited for? Learning how mastery of SEO (search engine optimization) might just be the key to attracting more candidates to your website.

To get a taste of Dave has in store for the webinar, we asked him the five questions below. Join us in exactly a week to hear more!

  1. A lot of people know you as “Google Dave” these days. Can you tell us how you got that name?

Sure thing. Before Ph. Creative, I was running my own business – we were doing a lot of work in the Google/SEO world. Our CEO and my good friend Bryan Adams bought out my business, and I came to work for Ph. We had two Dave’s in the office at the point and people kept getting confused. So to distinguish between the two of us, Bryan started calling me Google Dave, although I hated it at first! Much to my surprise, it stuck. To cement things even more, at that point we were working with Google and became an ambassador agency for their company so to speak, so the name only grew stronger.

Nowadays, I’m synonymous with “Google Dave.” And to tell you the truth, I like it.

  1. You’re going to talk a lot about using SEO to attract talent. Can you give a brief intro to SEO, and why recruiters should think about it?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an incredibly powerful – and often overlooked – way to attract talent. One of our clients, Nationwide, is a great example. In working with them, we were tasked with attracting top talent in the banking and financial services sector by designing a new careers site, so we knew SEO would play a big role in driving traffic to the site. The results were pretty shocking. It turns out SEO is now their #1 most cost effective way to source candidates, and it’s 20x more effective than social at doing that. Yes, you read that right: 20x!!

As a result, we helped Nationwide reduce average cost per hire from £3,000 to £69.75, increased mobile traffic by 300% and drove customer engagement by over 303%. We’ll talk more about how we did this during the webinar.

  1. What’s one of the most excruciating mistakes recruiters make when building their career site for SEO?

Too often, companies don’t use keywords in their job descriptions. They don’t realize that the more you feed Google’s RankBrain (a deep learning algorithm that’s constantly evolving and changing), the more likely your jobs are to show up higher in the search rankings.

Remember, what’s the biggest job board in the world? Google!! Every job search starts with a Google search, so if you’re shooting yourself in the foot from the outset, you’re really going to struggle to improve your recruitment marketing and talent attraction.

  1. What’s one other way we can all put on our marketing hats to engage the best talent?

Treat the candidate like retailers treat the customer. Consider the experience from end to end and look for marginal gains at every opportunity.

A lot of times recruitment is based on processes, but we need to focus more on the candidate experience.

  1. What can we expect on August 16th, most of all?

You can expect to learn new ways of thinking about careers sites, website design and how your company fits into the digital ecosystem. Most recruiters see the acronym “SEO” and run in the opposite direction. But I’m going to really simplify all the jargon, cut through the noise, and show you there’s a massive opportunity to take advantage of here. All it takes is best-practice thinking from the marketing world applied to the world of recruitment. So it’s going to be fun, interactive, engaging, thought-provoking, and most of all, I can’t wait to see you all there!!