New Video Series: Your 2018 Hiring Toolkit

These days, we’ve become accustomed to consuming content that only takes a couple minutes to read. We’re still hungry to learn fresh insights or exciting news - we just want to learn them fast. That article we can quickly read during breakfast or our morning commute? That’s often the one we absorb.

The trend holds true in the recruiting realm. To engage new interviewers, advocate for more recruiting resources from your executives, or get your broader team involved in hiring, it works to make your insights simple and bite-sized. Knowing this, and wanting to share some new learnings before the year ends, we decided to launch a whole new video series: Your 2018 Hiring Toolkit.

In our sequence of five videos, we interview some of the sharpest talent minds we know on how how to nail five recruiting strategies - candidate sourcing and pipelining, candidate experience, data-driven recruiting, engaging your hiring stakeholders, and diversity recruitingLeaders from Netflix, KPMG NZ, HotTopic, Cirque du Soleil, Medallia, and more unveil advice such as: which recruiting metrics are best to focus on, how to build a sustainable talent pipeline, and how to drive company-wide adoption when you roll out a new ATS. And in each video, the featured speakers get straight to the point in two minutes or less.

Now, don’t us get us wrong, we still think there’s incredible value in digesting quality long-form pieces. We're huge advocates of content like in-depth hiring guides or handbooks with tangible steps to foster inclusion. In fact, we were recently excited to published an ebook packed with more than 100 recruiting strategies to help you hire better in 2018.

This time around though, we wanted to share content with you that’s both compelling and easily digestible in one sitting. Plus, we want to continue equipping you for hiring success in 2018 - in all of the content forms we can generate.

If we share lots of fresh ideas now, you can map out your new hiring game plan before the new year hits. You’ll be able to share new learnings with the rest of your team now so that they can think about how to hire smarter in 2018 too. You’ll get to spend some of your holidays absorbing the insights. That way, you can hit the ground running once work starts back up again in January.

Our first video shares strategies for candidate sourcing and pipelining, and we can’t wait for you to watch it today. We asked Netflix Recruiting Researcher Tennyson Jones and Illumination Entertainment VP of Talent Alison Mann to share their best advice, and we have a feeling you’ll find it valuable.

After you finish watching, stay tuned for our next video on candidate experience, launching this Thursday! Next week, we’ll continue the series and publish a video a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We’d suggest blocking off time on your calendar to watch on each of those days, but we can guarantee it won't eat up much of your day. We're hoping the value of these videos far outweighs the time it’ll actually take to watch them.

Watch Part I: Strategies for Candidate Sourcing & Pipelining 

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