Lever Launches New Sourcing Integrations

In an ongoing effort to help you optimize your proactive sourcing and employee referral processes, we’re bringing you three new integrations: ROIKOI,, and Woo. Now, it is even easier to fill your pipeline with top talent. As you identify promising candidates, push them to Lever with a single click.

See below for a quick exploration of our latest launch:


ROIKOI helps companies who are committed to improving diversity in their workforce. Our sourcing platform helps companies identify great people in their employee network beyond restrictive keyword booleans by asking employees a simple question: “whom would you love to work with here?” We then make it easy to connect with those candidates through automated, personal outreach with introductions from team members who know them best, bolstering candidate response rates to 25%. Your employees all know great people – we let you identify who they are, connect with them through those personal relationships, and ultimately reduce time to hire by 10 days.

Houston Perry, CRO of ROIKOI said, “We are excited to partner with Lever given Lever’s design philosophy of collaboration across the organization. We believe that the powerful combination of Lever and ROIKOI will help our mutual clients efficiently identify, attract and hire qualified diverse candidates.”


underdogio-logo@2x.png is a leading marketplace for talent. Each week, we introduce growing technology companies to handpicked software engineers, designers, product managers, and businesspeople from the community. We’ve intentionally stayed small, turning away more than 50% of the companies and 85% of the candidates that try to join our network. For the growing technologies with which we partner, we offer straightforward, flexible pricing plans to ensure that our customers make their next hires for a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters or other hiring platforms. We know that founders, hiring managers, and internal recruiters can articulate their company’s mission and values better than any third party, which is why we don’t intermediate candidate-to-company interactions or otherwise interfere with their customers’ hiring processes.


Woo Logo - 400x400 (1).png

Woo lets you connect with off-the-radar top tech candidates. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, our technology uses both skill set and candidate’s expectations to create accurate matches. Candidates are able to stay anonymous and secure. They compile a personal wish list of priorities (compensation, location, etc.), then review inbound requests from companies. On the recruitment side, companies are matched with candidates through Woo’s matching technology. The company can then approach candidates and initiate the recruitment process.