New offer generation workflows that you, your HRIS, and your candidates will love

Starting today, you can manage the entire offer generation process in Lever. You can record essential offer details such as compensation, generate the offer letter, and send the offer directly to your candidate through Lever’s DocuSign integration.

This results in fewer steps in fewer systems. And the rest of your team will be able to stay in the loop so that everyone knows where things stand with the candidate. Here’s how it works:

1. Upload custom offer templates

Upload as many offer letter templates as you’d like. And say goodbye to manual data entry: Lever’s smart auto-text fields will automatically populate the essential information into your offer letter. Result: it’s now faster and easier for you to put together the right offer.

2. Record essential offer details

With your customized offer form, you won’t need to manually add offer details in three different places. Instead, record essential offer information in Lever, and push each field into the offer letter and your HRIS system.

3. Send the offer to the candidate

Email the offer to the candidate via Lever’s DocuSign integration, without leaving Lever. To ensure that your candidates have all of the information they need to make the right decision, you can even include additional attachments to the email, such as your team’s list of awesome benefits and perks.

4. Track the offer status in Lever

Keep track of multiple offers at once from right within Lever. No need to pivot between Lever and Docusign. Lever is your source of truth. You’ll be able to easily see whether the offer has been sent, opened, signed, or declined. You’ll never drop the ball again on any candidates.

5. Generate reports about your team’s offers

You can not only track every drop of data added to Lever’s offer forms, but you can also report on too commonly overlooked details, such as offer letter revisions during the negotiation process. Through Lever’s reporting around offers, you’ll be able to track trends over time to ensure that your team is building the most competitive offers.


Lever’s offer generation workflows are comprehensive. They empower you and your team to build offer letters more efficiently, and collaborate with your team to ensure that everyone is one the same page. You can send the offers with ease, and track offer statistics in Lever and your HRIS to build essential reports along the way. We’ll be bringing similarly streamlined offer approval workflows to Lever in the near future.

After months of user research, we’re thrilled to set ATS standards with Lever’s new offer generation workflows, soon to be followed by offer approval workflows. With Lever, you can make a timely and personalized offer process one of your team’s strategic advantages. For further information on how Lever fuels collaborative hiring across your entire organization, check out this quick overview video