New Benchmarks Report: Discover the Keys to Sourcing Success

Candidates simply won’t answer your sourcing emails. On the rare occasions they do, you can’t even assess what you did differently to warrant a response. Ultimately, you just want to know: what are the formulae for actually hiring the candidates you source?

If this feeling resonates with you, join the club. Many recruiters we speak to are frustrated by this same lack of clarity.

Today, we’re publishing our new benchmarks report to help you understand which factors lead to sourcing success. After examining communication between 135,000 recruiters and candidates in Lever Nurture (our candidate sourcing tool), we discovered the answers to questions like:

How many emails does it take to earn a candidate response? What’s the average candidate response rate? Which roles are most likely to respond to a candidate reachout? What can I do to increase my overall number of sourced hires?

Below, we’re sharing a few of the standout takeaways from our report:

Send 3 sourcing emails to prompt a candidate response 

3 is the magic number. In our research, we found that just under 50 percent of candidate responses come in after the first outreach, 84.7 percent come in after two emails, and three candidate touches earn almost 100 percent of responses. So if you want that candidate to get back to you, send that third email. Consistent follow up is vital.



Sourcing is twice as efficient as relying on applicants

In other words, it takes half as many sourced candidates as applicants to make one hire. Furthermore, teams need 17 percent fewer sourced candidates to make one hire than the aggregate of candidates from all origins – including referrals, applicants, agency, and sourced candidates.

The verdict is clear: sourcing wins. Doubling down on your sourcing efforts will help you hire great talent faster.



Lever Nurture elevates sourcing success

Lever Nurture is our sourcing automation technology, built to help teams deliver consistent, personalized communications to passive candidates. It also provides recruiters with metrics to identify the most effective sourcing tactics.

In our research, we found that companies using Lever Nurture accomplished incredible feats like increasing sourced hires by 19 percent.


Want to know all the sourcing results that your peers are earning? Download our full benchmarks report here.