Lever’s Spring Release: Introducing Dynamic Requisition Approvals, Visual Insight Bookmarks, Enhancements to Fast Resume Review, and More

Lever Spring Release

In Lever’s Spring Release, we’re excited to introduce Dynamic Requisition Approval Workflows, Visual Insight Bookmarks and Exports, Fast Resume Review enhancements, and brand new integrations with platforms that many of you know and love. 

Introducing Dynamic Requisition Approvals

Approval workflows are not new to Lever. However, customer feedback has shown us there is more we can do to support complex approval structures for scaling companies by making those structures more flexible and easier to manage. With Dynamic Requisition Approvals, we are introducing the ability for TA teams to configure dynamic workflows that automatically identify the correct individuals for approval requests, allowing teams to get approvals completed faster. 

Dynamic Requisition Approvals is great for scaling companies and companies that might not have a standardized approval process in place due to its flexibility. While we are starting with requisitions, we will be extending this functionality to offer approval workflows later this year.

Enhancements to Fast Resume Review

We have received a lot of fantastic feedback from customers since releasing Fast Resume Review in 2020 and are now excited to share we are releasing updates to further improve the feature. For those new to Fast Resume Review, the feature allows recruiters to cut through their digital stack of inbound resumes faster and automate candidate follow-up. 

With our Spring Release, we are improving the Fast Resume Review workflow with the following updates: 

  • Pull in responses to custom application questions, improving recruiter efficiency by removing the need to switch between multiple windows during the review process.
  • Advance candidates to a pipeline stage of your choice instead of the most immediate step in the pipeline. This added flexibility will help recruiters move candidates to the appropriate stage faster. 
  • View a new summary screen, which is displayed at the end of a Fast Resume Review session. Recruiters will be able to view the applicants they have categorized by type (archived, advanced, or skipped) and also have the ability to bulk email advanced candidates directly from the summary screen. 

Bookmark Your Favorite Visual Insight Reports 

Recreating reports can be a timely activity and one also prone to human error. In an effort to improve the speed at which you can access your most common Visual Insight reports, we are now allowing you to save and store filter configurations that are important to you. 

Each user will have the ability to create a maximum of 50 Visual Insight bookmarks, which will be neatly organized and displayed on the left side of your dashboard for quick access. 

In addition to bookmarks, additional Visual Insight exports are available, most notable is the ability to export non-anonymized EEO/OFCCP data. 

Expanded Partner and Integration Ecosystem

We’re thrilled to announce seven new integrations in this Spring Release that can help your company streamline the hiring process right from your Lever platform.

  • Alva Labs: Make better hiring decisions with Alva Labs. Alva Labs helps TA teams assess candidates automatically, rank objectively, and interview thoroughly. 
  • Bryq: Bryq is a modern talent assessment platform that identifies your most compatible candidates, based on personality traits and cognitive abilities.
  • CodeSubmit: Identify great candidates using real tasks, not brainteasers. Streamline your tech recruiting workflow and hire the right person for the job.
  • Gem: Upload a sourced candidate from Gem directly into Lever, connect it to a Lever job posting, and change a candidate’s stage in Lever from Gem. Sync email conversations into Lever notes/candidate profile, providing context on the candidate within Lever.
  • Otta: Otta is a smarter way for candidates to find jobs at the world’s leading technology companies. With the Otta integration, send candidates and conversation histories directly to Lever.
  • Searchlight: Searchlight is the quality of hire platform that leverages references to remove bias in performance-driving hiring. Searchlight’s one-click Reference Checks, Role Intake, and Analytics save teams hundreds of hours and identify predictors of retention and performance. Companies like Udemy, Zapier, and Masterclass improve candidate experience, reduce time-to-fill by 45%, and 2X hiring manager satisfaction.
  • Starred: Deliver the best candidate experience by measuring each step of the recruitment process through customizable surveys, fully integrated with Lever.

That’s it for our 2021 Spring Release! If you’re new to Lever or LeverTRM and are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to our team for a personalized demo!