Lever Named a Gold Partner in Glassdoor’s Preferred Partner Program

In an era of unprecedented transparency, Glassdoor has become a key destination for candidates – not to mention a core addition to any self-respecting recruiting team’s toolkit. On the heels of our recent one-click integration with Glassdoor’s job postings, we’re excited to announce that yesterday, Glassdoor named Lever as one of seven Gold partners in its new Preferred Applicant Tracking System Partner Program.  

We know it’s difficult to ensure your jobs are getting in front of target candidates; to track the effectiveness of your recruiting platforms; and to create a seamless apply process for candidates. To address these challenges, Glassdoor’s Preferred ATS Partner Program has identified Lever as one of the select few applicant tracking systems best suited to help companies achieve optimal talent acquisition outcomes and maximize their investment (Or more simply put: we’re both huge fans of fast, effective recruiting that results in the high-quality hires you need, all while treating candidates like humans – and we’re working together to bring you exactly that).

Over time, employers leveraging Lever and Glassdoor together will gain three main benefits:

  • More reliable jobs exposure
  • A smoother application experience for candidates
  • Better data analytics offering greater visibility into the effectiveness of recruitment spend

“With closer product integrations between Glassdoor and select ATS providers like Lever, we will increase the value and effectiveness of talent acquisition spend, bring a smoother application experience to our job seekers visiting Glassdoor, and help employers better compete for top talent,” said Zachary Kushel, Head of Business Development at Glassdoor.

Sounds like a win-win to us. We’re excited to take our partnership with Glassdoor to the next level.

Learn more about how Lever integrates seamlessly with Glassdoor and other high-quality job boards.