Lever Delivers on Promise of Data-Driven HR with Talent Cloud Connect

According to Josh Bersin, HR departments on average have 11 systems of record and work with as many as 22 different vendors.  This level of complexity creates all types of problems for recruiting and HR teams that can result in fragmented processes, manual workarounds, and silos of critical data.  

Lever has announced a solution to these problems with its newest product called Talent Cloud Connect (TCC). Talent Cloud Connect delivers talent and HR leaders unified workflows and aggregates pre- and post-hire data so both teams can easily collaborate and view unified insights for the entire talent lifecycle.

Talent Cloud Connect for Workday is the first of several Talent Cloud Connect offerings Lever will announce this year. HR and talent teams benefit from a pre-built integration where they can easily map and automate business process flows across Lever and Workday and aggregate candidate and employee level data in order to gain unified insights.

Benefits of Lever Talent Cloud Connect include:

  • Pre-built integrations: Lever Talent Cloud Connect delivers pre-built, plug and play, integrations which significantly cut the time, effort and costs required to connect systems as compared to custom integrations.
  • Streamlined workflows: Talent Cloud Connect provides streamlined workflows, making it easy to take actions like creating requisitions or on-boarding new hires, in other systems.
  • Unified talent profiles: Talent Cloud Connect captures the candidate journey across all touchpoints, from first candidate engagement all the way to employee engagement.
  • Unified insights: Talent Cloud Connect customers can access performance data, attrition data and average tenure of employees from their HR system, which can then be used to measure quality of hire and better define talent strategies and budgets.
  • How-to playbook for talent organizations: Talent Cloud Connect offers professional services to make getting started even easier. Customers have a range of services to choose from depending on their needs from a Quick Start package to a more in-depth Talent Transformation assessment and workshop.

Lever is already seeing rapid adoption of it’s new Talent Cloud Connect offering for Workday with several customers, including McGraw-Hill.  

Here is what Melissa Thompson, VP of Talent Acquisition has to say about the new offering, “As we made the move from a legacy ATS to Lever, one of our major concerns was ensuring a seamless integration to Workday Onboarding. The Lever implementation team was thoughtful and truly consultative. As a result, our go live went smoothly and new hires are experiencing an improved transition from candidate to employee.”

To learn more about Talent Cloud Connect visit here.