Lever and Abacus Team Up to Simplify Candidate Reimbursements

At Lever, we’re constantly striving to eliminate manual work and administrative processes, freeing up your time to focus on more strategic hiring initiatives. Today, we’re excited to announce another major step toward that goal.

We’ve teamed up with Abacus – the only real-time expense reporting solution on the market – to make candidate reimbursements a seamless part of the recruiting process for Lever customers.

No more lengthy email chains, forms to fill out, signatures and mailed checks. Now you can complete what was once a lengthy, manual reimbursement process in just a few days.

Here’s how it works: once you connect your Abacus account to Lever, set the stage that will trigger an email invitation to candidates to submit expenses (i.e. On-site Interview). The candidate can onboard and start submitting expenses through Abacus in seconds. You’ll be able to create an automated expense policy to monitor what candidates are able to submit, create an approval hierarchy to route a candidate’s expenses to the correct hiring manager, and even customize the in-app experience and notifications from Abacus to match your company branding.

“A great recruiter wants their candidate experience to be delightful in every way, and having an expense reimbursement tool that looks, feels and functions well is super important. Now, with the new integration between Abacus and Lever the process of reimbursing candidates can be managed as simply as a click.” – Andrew Cerda, Head of Talent at Kinnek

Reimbursements can now be an automatic “wow” moment that you create for candidates, easing tension and stress.

Ready to enable the integration? See our help article for step-by-step instructions!