Introducing Lever Nurture

We founded Lever four years ago on the belief that companies deserved dramatically better tools to enable company-wide recruiting.  This morning at our inaugural Talent Innovation Summit, we are thrilled to unveil our second major product, Lever Nurture, to alleviate much of the pain associated with sourcing passive candidates, thereby freeing up valuable time to focus on what really matters: building meaningful talent relationships.

Recognizing that the best talent may not always be actively applying to jobs, Lever Nurture equips recruiting teams with powerful workflow automation technology to deliver consistent, timely, and personalized communications to passive candidates.  With Lever Nurture, companies will improve sourcing effectiveness, track results, and stay on top of their talent pipeline. In combination with our core Lever Hire product, we now offer an all-in-one platform that fully integrates CRM with ATS. For the first time, Lever’s recruiting software platform will give companies a seamless view of candidates from sourced all the way to hired.

Streamline hundreds of sourcing touchpoints in one powerful workflow.

So much of a sourcer or a full-cycle recruiter’s day is consumed by the manual effort of reaching out to and following up with potential candidates. Deceptively simple to use and completely customizable, Nurture Workflows help you build relationships with the most promising talent through a series of consistent touchpoints. In just a few clicks you’ll design workflows to match your sourcing objectives, so you never have to worry about dropping the ball.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-17_at_7.51.51_AM.pngPersonalize messages and diversify voices.

As any successful recruiting team or hiring exec knows, personalization and relevancy are key to persuading a potential candidate to enter dialogue with your company. Through Lever Nurture, you will be able to include personalized elements and add custom fields that resonate with candidates, increasing your response rates. You’ll also be able to make your emails stand out by sending them from the most impactful voice – executives, hiring managers, peers, or the recruiting team.

Stay organized without even trying.

The more proactive sourcing you do, the more challenging it can be to stay on top of your sourcing workload. Within Lever, now you can easily find candidates and keep your funnel clean with three dedicated pipelines – for leads, applicants, and active interviews. Within your Intelligent Lead Pipeline, candidates will automatically progress through stages based on email behavior so you can stay on top of your sourcing workload. Note that this change will benefit all Lever users, not just those who choose to add on Lever Nurture.


Know who’s engaged and when to take action.

Once you’ve reached out to candidates, what next? Until they reply, you’re typically in the dark about their motivations or level of interest. Lever Nurture will send out Engagement Alerts when a candidate appears highly interested so you know the right moment to act. Track opens, clicks, and responses across all touchpoints to see what’s working and improve your strategy over time.


Accelerate your reachouts.

We’re embedding the power of Lever Nurture directly into our Chrome browser extension, allowing you to add candidates directly into a Nurture Workflow from their online profiles, so you can quickly start building relationships with the best talent.

In unveiling Lever Nurture, I’d like to thank the many Lever customers who have contributed vital feedback in recent months. Your input has really crystallized this opportunity to provide the industry with the means to supercharge their sourcing efforts, and we can’t wait to see your teams reap the benefits.

Lever Nurture will be available beginning this summer, with a short beta program preceding full launch.