Internal Mobility: Good for Employers; Good for Employees

When you have current employees in your candidate pipeline, you’re going to try your best to give them a white-glove hiring experience. And why wouldn’t you? Internal hires come equipped with institutional knowledge and already exhibit cultural fit. Furthermore, according to a study conducted at Wharton Business School, it takes an external hire an average of a little over two years to catch up to the level of competency that an internal hire would exhibit on day one. With organizations investing in employee training and development now more than ever, it is imperative for recruiters and hiring managers to treat internal candidates with care and courtesy.

That’s why Lever has revamped its internal hiring functionalities to boost employee retention and provide a sense of opportunity for an organization’s most significant asset: its people. With an internal job board and internal candidate tracking, Lever’s Internal Mobility streamlines the application process and allows recruiters to provide white-glove treatment for employees interviewing for other roles. It’s also built on top of Lever’s custom access controls, which allows for granular granting of sensitive information privileges, meaning the hiring team involved will get to see everything they’re supposed to – and nothing more.

Internal Mobility is available for all packages and will not require any additional purchase. Getting started is as easy as:

  1. Set up your internal board just like how you would your external one.


  1. When posting a job, you can choose to post to both internal and external job boards, one or the other, or save as unlisted


  1. Track your internal candidates and grant sensitive information privileges

And that’s it! Your internal hiring initiatives are set up for success within your instance.

Lever customers are already finding Internal Mobility efficient and simple to use: “Internal Mobility provides a great solution for ensuring our employees don’t miss out on any opportunities and gives them an easy place to go check out jobs. The new updates also make it really clear which candidates are internal so we can give them extra attention.” – Laura Greenberg, Recruiter at Brooks Running

“Recruiters and Hiring Managers are loving it. It used to be quite a hassle to manage our internal job site, but now that we’ve switched to Lever’s it’s so simple and easy. Internal Mobility has also made reporting on internal candidates super convenient.” – Steven Tran, Recruiting Operations Specialist at Quantcast

Lever’s Internal Mobility enhancements help companies hire with conviction and ensure that every company hires the best possible candidate for the role.