In Between Interviews: TA Leaders Discuss DEI in Lever’s New Video Series

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) still remains a hot-button issue in organizations, but some companies still struggle to launch or maintain programs that will drive a meaningful impact.

In fact, our 2021 State of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Efforts Report found organizations have made some progress around diversity in the workplace. But there still is work to be done.

If your organization has suffered fits and starts with implementing a DEI initiative, Lever has created a video series – In Between Interviews – that will deliver tactics that will inspire you and your org to stay the course.

The In Between Interviews video series — live on YouTube — features discussions with talent acquisition leaders who drive successful DEI initiatives in their organizations.

Additionally, the series will explore the successes and learning leaders and industry experts encounter in the DEI landscape and how the programs impact talent acquisition, candidate experience, and employee retention.

How are leaders approaching DEI today?

Organizations have recently added diversity, equity, and inclusion into their core values. It’s an approach to organizational change that improves representation and creates equity for all employees in an organization. Internalizing DEI values also creates a safe and welcoming environment for all employees.

In one of the upcoming episodes, Yennie Rautenberg-Loya, the Pro Coach for Bravely, explores how her approach to DEI is an individualized, personalized tool that allows “coaches” to take what they’re learning and apply it to their own life.

“A lot of companies have a lot of DEI initiatives, but there is so much to do,” said Yennie. “One of the issues [with DEI] is that it has not been seen as something that will not influence the corporate culture overall. It’s seen as the responsibility of HR … or underrepresented groups.”

  • She added, “[DEI] needs to be seen as an initiative that is strategic for the company overall. DEI should be top-down and bottoms-up – everyone needs to participate.”

Jillian Phelan, Vice President of Global People and Culture at Criteria Corp also appears in the series and discusses the importance of DEI’s trajectory over the past decade.

“It feels like a curtain was pulled back, and the conversations have been more candid,” said Jillian in her Q&A with the Lever team.

Human Resources (HR) and Talent Acquisition professionals are always looking for ways to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. But is your executive team ready to discuss the challenges and rewards of DEI?

The In Between Interviews series will hopefully spark new conversations (and reinvigorate some old ones) at your organization regarding DEI. We want our conversations with DEI experts to lead you and other decision-makers at your business to ask one key question.

The timing of this series is more important than ever

This series comes at a crucial time, as the tech industry is under increased scrutiny for its lack of diversity. According to McKinsey, women and people of color are disproportionately underrepresented in leadership roles and the workforce.

In Between Interviews will feature a range of voices from across the DEI spectrum, including interviews with experts, leaders, and employees about their experiences and insights.

The series will also offer actionable advice for companies and individuals who want to make their workplaces more inclusive. Here are details on what to expect in our upcoming interviews:

  • 10/19: How do you begin incorporating DEI into your recruiting processes? Hear from Aneesa Browne, Talent Acquisition Manager at Industry Dive, about how she formed the Diversity, Equity, and Belonging committee and more.
  • 10/26: How can you have a DEI program without a core foundation of equitable practices? Hear from Eryka Vargas, Head of People at Altro, about how you can create equitable practices at your company from the top down.
  • 11/2: The future of DEI differs greatly by Gen Z entering the workforce. Learn from Jillian Phelan, VP of People at Criteria, about how the new generation of work is changing the way we work.

What are the best steps to increasing diversity in the workplace?

Within this series, you will learn the most effective ways to increase diversity in the workplace including focusing on the right metrics and emphasizing the importance of diversity to your company.

Creating a culture of inclusion where employees feel comfortable talking about and sharing their backgrounds is also important.

In fact, if employees have an opportunity to learn about different cultures and backgrounds it will give them a better understanding of the world beyond their own experience.

What does a successful DEI program look like?

A successful DEI program should have a clear vision and strategy, measurable goals, be inclusive of all employees, have clear accountability and be regularly reviewed to ensure it meets its objectives.

DEI is also about having more diverse talent and equity throughout every level of your organization. Diversity can change culture, drive new thinking, improve your product suite and services driven by diverse perspectives.

Lever is also committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and can bring their whole selves to work.

That’s why we’ve followed the above best practices and prioritized our DEI initiatives, particularly around hiring, which have evolved as we’ve learned more about what it takes to be genuinely inclusive.

Set a reminder to watch new episodes

Lever’s In Between Interviews series is a great way to learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

The series features interviews with DEI experts from various industries who share their insights on everything from unconscious bias to allyship.

This series is a great place to start if you’re looking for ways to make your workplace more inclusive. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and never miss an episode.

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