How to Use Social Media for Employer Branding

Top-tier talent has a choice in where they work, and employer branding helps you attract them to your organization. We can’t all be a Google or a Facebook, where the employer brand is well known and drives the best talent in the world to our career pages. Instead, we must promote our employer brand – and social media is a fantastic opportunity to do so. Employer branding on social media helps you put your best foot forward for candidates who are researching your opportunities. It can be the difference between a candidate responding to your outreach or that of your competitor. Plus, the network effect helps you attract candidates who otherwise may not have heard of your opportunities. Here’s how to get started with using social media for employer branding:

Collaborate with your marketing colleagues

Chances are, your marketing colleagues already put a lot of thought into your company brand and social media presence. Rope them in to see how you can leverage what they’ve already built to help meet your recruiting goals. Your employer brand is deeply entwined with your corporate brand, and the best candidates want to work with the best brands. Your customers, on the other hand, will love hearing about and seeing behind-the-scenes information about your company. Employer branding initiatives will appeal to both audiences – so both your recruiting and marketing teams will benefit from collaboration.

Focus on visual storytelling

Your candidates want more than simply hearing about your employer brand – they want to see it. Focus on telling your employer brand story through photos and videos. Share photos of company events, and create videos of your employees explaining why they like working at your organization. Visuals tend to perform better on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and are the only kinds of content you can post on channels like Instagram and YouTube. Don’t worry about getting professional shots – your candidates will appreciate the authenticity and transparency.

Get your employees involved

When it comes to employer branding, there is nothing more authentic and transparent than hearing about it through employees. Enable and encourage them to share non-confidential information about your brand through their own social channels. This may include their own photos from company events, insights into a day-in-the-life of an employee, or even an account takeover in which an employee posts to your organization’s social channels for the day. Many organizations create social media guidelines and train employees on what they can and cannot share, as well as how to successfully cultivate their own personal brands on social media. This is a great way to invest in your employees, while benefitting your recruitment (and marketing) efforts.

Monitor review sites

Social media has made it easier than ever for the general public to affect how others see your brand. Review sites like Glassdoor and InHerSight allow employees and candidates alike to anonymously share their opinions about your organization, which can affect your employer brand for better or worse. Monitor feedback so you can be sure the employer branding message you’ve crafted aligns with what others think of it. Respond to feedback so those reviewing your organization know that you care about their opinions, and are listening. If needed, make necessary changes to improve your employer brand image both internally and externally.


Your employer brand helps your organization, and your opportunities, stand out amongst the rest—and social media helps you get that employer brand in front of candidates. Using social media for employer branding allows you to put your best foot forward while candidates are researching your opportunities. You may even capture someone’s attention who isn’t looking for a new opportunity! If you want to build a strong talent pipeline and hire the best candidates on the market, employer branding is non-negotiable.