How to Optimize your Career Pages for Recruiting Success


CloudLock Careers Page career page

Your career pages aren’t just a place to post your jobs – they’re a place to sell your opportunities to candidates. LinkedIn’s 2016 Global Talent Trends found that candidates don’t apply immediately after hearing about a job. Instead, 59% look up the company’s website. Sixty six percent want to know about your company’s culture and values, 54% about perks and benefits, and 50% about mission and vision. Providing a rich experience for candidates on your career pages will help optimize your website for recruiting success.

Showcase your employer brand

Give candidates a taste of what it’s like to work at your company by sharing information about your employer brand on your career site. A recent employer branding study found that 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job. Include pictures and videos of a day-in-the-life of an employee, special employee events, and customer and industry events. Provide employee testimonials so candidates can hear first-hand why your employees like working at your company. When a candidate first hears about your career opportunity, either through a recruiter outreach message, employee referral, or job ad, this section of your career site should add color to what the candidate may have already heard about your company.

Make it easy to find, and apply to, career opportunities

When candidates arrive on your career site, they are usually looking for details about opportunities that interest them. Your employees may also reference your career page to see where they can help with employee referrals. Make it easy to search for open opportunities – particularly if you have a high volume of roles, or roles in several different locations. Take yourself through the application process, from searching for an open role to applying, on both a desktop and mobile device to see what the candidate experience looks like. According to a study by Indeed, 65% of people are using their mobile devices to search for jobs, and 78% of people would apply to jobs on their mobile devices if the process were simplified. The best candidates are busy and in high demand, and won’t waste time on a clunky process.

Jazz up your job descriptions

Many job descriptions are a seemingly endless list of experience and skills that do nothing to excite the candidate about applying. Instead, create compelling job descriptions that focus on a candidate’s capacity to “do,” and that outline expectations for the role to get the candidate pumped about your opportunity. By focusing on achievement and impact, as opposed to a bucket list of requirements, you draw candidates in and get them excited, rather than weed them out. Share context around what the candidate would be doing and how they’d make an impact at your organization. Help top performers picture themselves in the role, and they’re more likely to take the next step in your recruitment process.


Whether candidates come from recruiter sourcing, employee referrals, or elsewhere, they are researching your company before getting involved in your recruitment process. Optimize your career pages to increase your candidate response and conversion rates. By sharing your employer brand, providing engaging job descriptions, and making it easy to apply, you will be able to attract and hire the best candidates on the market.