How Customers (and Candidates) Are Transforming the Industries You Hire In

It wasn’t long ago that companies were forced to think about implementing customer relationship management software. The late 1990’s was an era where everything was at your fingertips, customers had more choices and businesses had to up their game to stay competitive. Revolutionary companies, like those in the Saas industry, made it easier for people to use software to keep up with customers and their growing businesses.

We now see a similar issue arising with employers and the way they manage the candidate lifecycle. Candidates have more job opportunities than ever before and platforms that help them move through the interview process even faster. Companies are now required to build better relationships with candidates that can grow and expand over time as candidates move through their careers.

Building a Platform to Help Maintain & Nurture Candidate Relationships

Lever started in 2012 as an incubator company within Twitter. Twitter had started to take off in 2012 growing from 700 to 1500 employees with only 30 recruiters, and Lever was there building a product to keep up. It was during this time that Sarah Nahm, formerly a speechwriter for Marissa Mayer, Nate Smith & Randall created a recruiting software company to help with rapidly growing and large scale companies hire efficiently and seamlessly all while building great relationships with the best candidates over time.

But Lever is not only a recruiting software made to help tech companies. As companies across all industries are forced to improve their processes and relationships with candidates, Lever has evolved by developing tools to help proactively source, nurture, and hire the very best talent. After all, candidate experience now makes or breaks one’s employer brand.

Lever’s Products & The Candidate Journey

Lever has a complete Talent Suite to elevate the function of recruiting to operate with the reach of a marketer. With talent being less likely to take time to apply, recruiting teams need to think strategically and outbound to find talent that might be interested to come and work at their company.

The rising demands on talent leaders also calls for an ability to forecast like a sales exec and gain insights like a finance team – all in one place! More and more, we hear that talent leaders are being called into meetings with the C-suite to forecast based on company attrition and the labor market. This is  forcing talent leaders to ask themselves how and if their business can scale based on the talent they need to hire to get there. Lever’s product breaks down and maps that process for them, allowing leaders to find everything they need to forecast hiring with predictably and report on key metrics.

According to a recent report by 451 Research, “the product journey starts with a 13-part discovery process that Lever uses to map out how talent-forward an organization is. Once Lever knows how far along a given company is in the spectrum, it recommends products to suit its needs. The biggest initial value with Lever Hire, for example, is tracking not only candidates, but all the details associated with their relationship to the organization – for example, from first touch, whether that’s coffee, a first call from university, internship to employment. Then, tools like Lever Nurture Recommendations can use a machine-learning-powered database crawler to identify good prospects and surface them as first-line candidates for a given role. In this way, Lever operates like a Salesforce for talent relationships.”

lever product

Final Thoughts: Building Better Relationships with Every Candidate

Just as Salesforce transformed the way that all companies maintain relationships with their customers less than 20 years ago, Lever is disrupting the recruiting industry today. Now you can build relationships not only with potential hires, but candidates that will connect and ideally become a fan of you in the process. It’s only with strong marketing capabilities and data insight that you can achieve this and continue scaling and evolving to connect with today’s constantly changing labor market. “Lever’s customer sweet spot is companies that consider talent a driving force.” To read the full report, download new 451 Research “How Lever built the ‘Salesforce for recruiting.”

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