HackerRank and Lever Partner to Streamline Tech Recruiting

It’s no secret that engineering roles are some of the most challenging to fill. According to our recruiting benchmarks report, only 1 in every 134 engineering applicants is hired. But once your pipeline is flush with engineering candidates, how can you best evaluate a candidate’s technical skill set? Is reviewing a resume or conducting a phone screen really the optimal way to assess an engineer’s technical aptitude?

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HackerRank is on a mission to solve this challenge with its skills-based technical recruitment platform. HackerRank helps companies find the right developers based on their coding skills instead of just resumes. Today, we are excited to announce Lever’s new integration with HackerRank to further streamline engineering hiring and improve candidate quality. HackerRank is changing the way companies discover and evaluate talented engineers, and with Lever’s HackerRank integration you can now manage the entire technical hiring process from within Lever.

This powerful integration was thoughtfully designed to help you:

  1. Have confidence in your data. With the ability to send HackerRank coding assessments, receive completion notifications, view candidate scores, and import qualified candidates, all from within Lever, you can have confidence that Lever is the source of truth for your entire hiring process.
  2. Work faster—and smarter. By helping you complete every step in the interview process from one system instead of two, Lever saves you timeand headaches.
  3. Increase transparency. Before Lever’s HackerRank integration, only those with HackerRank access could send coding challenges and keep tabs on a candidate’s progress. Now, anyone following a candidate can be actively involved, or stay in the loop, right from the Lever candidate profile.

By implementing HackerRank’s coding challenges as part of the interview process, HackerRank customers have been able to reduce screening time, increase the volume of candidates evaluated, and enhance the candidate experience. Customers leveraging Lever’s recruiting software and HackerRank together will have the advantage of connecting two powerful talent engagement platforms to make even more informed and confident hiring decisions.

We are also partnering with HackerRank’s  new sourcing application, HackerRank Jobs, to enable customers to find talented developers faster from their growing community of 2M+ skilled developers.  After posting a coding challenge to HackerRank Jobs, companies receive qualified candidates who have successfully completed the challenge and met specified criteria. Then, easily import these applicants into Lever as pre-qualified candidates. By integrating with HackerRank’s coding platform and sourcing integration, we’re excited to help our customers further enhance and accelerate their screening and interviewing processes.

Our HackerRank integrations will be rolled out to all customers on Professional and Enterprise Lever Hire plans throughout the month of December. To learn more, please read the help article or watch the walkthrough video.

Not on a Professional or Enterprise Lever Hire plan, but interested in our HackerRank integration? Contact us at

To learn more about the HackerRank and the importance of coding challenges, check out HackerRank for Work.

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