Experts Steve Levy and Jer Langhans Share Their Biggest Piece of Sourcing Advice

Steve Levy and Jer Langhans are two of the industry’s most decorated sourcing professionals. As in, if cadidate sourcing had an Olympics, these two would go head to head for gold.

Steve is an engineer turned recruiter/talent strategist/trainer and, our favorite, hiring manager therapist. He’s led recruiting, sourcing and organizational development at several technology companies and is a familiar face on “Top Influencer” lists in HR and recruiting.

As for Jer, he’s led sourcing teams at companies whose names you probably don’t recognize (like Cisco, Microsoft, EA, Disney, Starbucks, and Expedia) and launched in Seattle. Today, he sits on the boards of multiple startups and uses his sourcing prowess to help companies fill their toughest positions as the founder of Paired Sourcing.

Who better to turn to for tips on sourcing like a pro? We asked them both to share their biggest piece of sourcing advice. Watch the video to find out what they said.

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Steve and Jer share more sourcing advice in our ebook, “The Definitive, No Frills Guide to Sourcing and Nurturing Candidates.” In it, they divulge creative (and underfished) places to source candidates, tips for effective outreach, and even real examples of their own sourcing outreach.

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