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Collaborating with Hiring Agencies Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to scaling headcount with top talent, both technically and culturally, there’s no substitute for an in-sync, proactive, and strategically-thinking internal recruiting team. But even companies with world-renowned hiring practices often require outside consulting to stay best-of-breed. So, if our mission is to help the world hire with conviction, that means empowering and removing friction for all those involved in the recruiting process.

Lever has revamped its agency collaboration functions and we are excited to announce upgrades to our agency portal that will further allow recruiting organizations to drive maximum value from partnership with external recruiters. We took a look at how recruiters and hiring managers work with agencies today and uncovered a couple of basic truths around where friction exists.

  1. Organizations would love to keep their external recruiting partners focused on only the open roles assigned to them.

Lever’s agency portal creates custom sites for external recruiters to submit candidates for the jobs they’ve been assigned - and only for those roles. Once candidates are submitted, they are automatically entered into Lever as an applicant and tagged as having been sourced from the agency that submitted it. 

  1. Hiring managers and recruiters know they need to keep their external partners updated but are often too busy to write emails or take phone calls to provide information on every single candidate. Likewise, recruiters often feel out of the loop when it comes to how their candidates are progressing through the hiring process.


External recruiters will now receive automated, daily email updates conveying all movement of their submitted candidates, including interviews scheduled, stage changes, and archive reasons. The email also comes attached with a full report of all current statuses, removing any guess work from the recruiter and saving them from having to memorize the pipeline positions of their candidates. 

These new agency portal features are part of a new wave of enhancements to the alternative hiring parts of our platform. We believe that a prodigious part of helping companies hire with conviction means providing a single source of truth for all hiring efforts - both external and internal.


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