A CEO’s Perspective: The Google Hire Announcement

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We’ve admired the Hire by Google team since their pre-acquisition days as BeBop. The quality of their team, approach, and leadership exemplified the next generation of technology players that are supporting today’s more sophisticated talent strategies. I’m happy that both the teams here at Lever and at Hire by Google have pushed boundaries in automation, integrations, and collaboration. We’ve both aimed to deliver powerful and intelligent technology within a simple, intuitive user experience.

Lever and Hire by Google share many of the same values like simplicity, automation, and innovation. With the news that Hire by Google will be sunsetting in the coming months, we want to express our continued commitment to those values. And as the customers of Hire by Google transition to their next platform, we want to support the community of early adopters who have helped bring momentum and energy to the future of hiring technology.

With that said, we’d like to introduce ourselves to the Hire by Google community… 

Hi there! 👋 We’re Lever and it’s nice to meet you. 

We’re on a mission to connect human potential to meaningful work, and we do that by building simple, intuitive, all-in-one software that streamlines hiring. Our customers love how easy it is to get started, and they love that Lever gives them everything they need to attract, source, and hire great talent at every stage of growth. And yes, they love that we’re seamlessly integrated with the entire GSuite including Gmail, Google Calendar, and even Hangouts. 

To welcome the Hire by Google community, we’ve prepared a special offer to make this transition as simple and easy as possible.

Folks from our team would love to connect and give you a tour of our software and a quick runthrough of the simple steps to get up and running. We have a lot of experience helping people move from Hire by Google onto Lever, so we look forward to working with you and making it a piece of cake.

Sarah Nahm, CEO