Best Candidate Sourcing Tools

89% of business leaders believe sourcing is important, yet only 37% of business leaders are actually effective at doing so. Sourcing is clearly a critical recruiting tactic, but it’s almost universally difficult to leverage as a strength.

As companies catch onto this, the laundry list of potential candidate sourcing tools is growing and growing. So how do you select one that will actually work for you? Well, after testing out their fair share of recruiting solutions throughout their careers, our Sourcing Squad has something to say.

When we asked them ‘What are your favorite sourcing tools?’, here’s what they revealed:

Stan Rolfe, Lead Talent Scout, HealthEngine

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There are so many Chrome extensions and tools it can be overwhelming. The ones I am currently using include Hiretual, Prophet, Hiring Solved, ContactOut, Rocket Reach.

Let’s not forget the trusty old boolean and the thing we call a phone.

Jeremy Langhans, Co-founder & Prinicipal Growth Hacker, Paired Sourcing, LLC 

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  • Google Hangouts (for paired sourcing, obviously)
  • Slack, to store your boolean strings
  • Chrome Extensions (our latest favs = “Multi-highlight”, Loxo AI, & Bulk URL Opener [which is actually a Chrome App])

Amy Cherette, Technical Recruiter, Lever

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  • Conferences/meetups/long-term relationship building events
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • My own previous candidate pipelines or archives (Lever Nurture)!

Chris Long, Program Resource Manager, NSW 

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  • Social List: Social List is one of the very few tools that will help you create a candidate list from Meetup, ZoomInfo, and many more sites. You can create very specific searches based on your criteria with the different sites.
  • Sourcin: Sourcin saves you lots of valuable time by automating the sourcing process and scraping the web to find resumes and candidates based on specifics. Its differentiating factor from similar tools is that it offers only fresh leads – not candidates whose profiles are inactive or outdated.
  • Recruit’Em: Tools like Recruit’Em help recruiters X-ray search the web to find resumes and candidates without using complex Boolean strings. You can X-ray search over six sites, The best part of this tool is that is free and no registration is required.
  • Entelo: Is an Outbound Recruiting platform that utilizes standard Boolean strings and advanced filters to search by keyword, name, location, and many other criteria. Entelo uses a technology called Sonar to identify receptive candidates by using a algorithm that weighs dozens of variables to find candidates more likely to change jobs.

Lou Adler, CEO and Founder at the Adler Group

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Lou Adler’s favorite sourcing tool – The Phone. 

Since referrals get hired at a rate of 10:1 and direct sourced candidates at a rate of 20:1, it makes sense to concentrate your efforts where they’ll do the most good. Here are simple ways to get more referrals.

  • Build a candidate persona  to develop a sourcing plan to find the candidate.
  • As part of the persona, identify all of the types of people by title the candidate works with on a regular basis. For example, salespeople work with customers, software developers work with product managers.
  • Search for employees at your company first who would likely have worked with the people you’d like to hire.
  • Proactively call these co-workers and ask who are the best people they’ve every worked with who could handle this job.
  • Contact these people and mention the referrer and ask “You were highly referred by ______. I’m not sure you’re looking or not, but regardless would you be open to explore one of our open situations if it were clearly superior to what you’re doing today?”
  • Then recruit the person using the 30% Solution as the basis for developing the career move.

The reason why this is the best sourcing tool? These people will all call you back, they’re all top notch (or you wouldn’t have called them), and they’ll all engage in a career conversation if you ask the question exactly as written above. Now, all you need to do is recruit the person.

That’s why the phone in the hands of great recruiter is the best sourcing tool in the world.

Stacy Donovan Zapar, Founder, Tenfold

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  • Prophet / HiringSolved
  • OneTab
  • Intelligence Search for Facebook search
  • MixMax for email tracking, templates, scheduling, etc.

Final Thoughts: best candidate sourcing tools

As always, a huge thank you goes out to our Sourcing Squad for sharing the tips above. Last week, they shared their 3 best tips for sending cold recruiting emails (that candidates actually reply to) here.

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