Announcing…Lever’s Talent Innovation Summit Contest!


Ask Merriam-Webster what “summit” means, and you’ll learn it’s “the highest point of a mountain” or “a meeting between leaders.” Whether you’re scaling a physical summit or gearing up for dialogue with executives, preparation is key… and Lever’s first ever Talent Innovation Summit is no different.  

On May 17th, we’re hosting hundreds of talent acquisition leaders and practitioners in San Francisco for a full day of recruiting ideas, inspiration and networking. We’ve been preparing for weeks now, and we couldn’t be more excited about the attendee list, the speakers and the topics on hand.  We’re excited to hear what YOU are doing to get ready, so we’re putting on a competition, prizes and all.

You might be wondering…what do I have to do?

Here is your challenge: Take a photo, GIF, or short video chronicling what you are doing to get ready for the Summit. (Don’t worry, we’ve included directions at the bottom of this post to guide first-time GIF makers.) Then, post it on Twitter or Instagram with the event hashtag #talentinnovation by May 13th. The mastermind behind the most liked and retweeted post will take home limited edition Lever swag and a $250 Amazon gift card.

So, get ready to share YOUR get ready strategy. Are you fueling up on caffeine to prepare? Cranking out push-ups to increase your endurance? Stocking up on breath mints? We want to know.

Here at Lever, we’ve been busy with our own preparations.

Like practicing our speeches in front of the most attentive of audiences….


And sneaking photos of ourselves into summit swag bags…


And racing to perfect our drink delivery skills…


And realizing that at Lever, we only decorate in shades of grey…


And getting irrationally pumped up about event logistics…


Not a GIF-making expert (yet)? We’ve got some helpful tips for you. First, channel your inner director (preferably not Tarantino- these need not be too gory). GIFs generally only last 5 to 10 seconds, so it’s key to think about how you can pack a punch in a short time frame. Once you’ve brainstormed a few ideas and you’re ready to jump into action, here are our tips:

Step 1: Go to, our favorite tool for gif-making. Once you click “Get started now”, we recommend that you rehearse and film one of your teammates.  

Step 2: Make sure your webcam is turned on, allow to access your camera and microphone, and press the record button.

Step 3: Once you’re done filming, perfect the shot. You can cut out parts of the video, speed it up, or slow it down. Or, you can leave it as is 🙂

Step 4: Press “Make GIF”!

Step 5: Now that you’ve rehearsed, you’re ready for the real deal. Lights, camera, action!

No matter what you do to prepare for the Talent Innovation Summit,  you’ll emerge energized by wave upon wave of recruiting insight from Netflix, Yelp, Eventbrite, Lyft, Grand Rounds, Coursera, and more – not to mention the discussion as you network with hundreds of fellow talent innovators.

Registration closes on May 9th, so this is your last call to sign up for the event! Enter the ‘Get ready’ social media contest with your photo, GIF or video by May 13th – don’t forget to use the hashtag #talentinnovation – and may your mic drop be better than that of our CEO Sarah…