An Ode to Recruiters, in Puppy GIFs

Not many people fully appreciate the life of a recruiter. Every day is different, with a lot of high highs and low lows. One moment you’re hounding interviewers for feedback, the next you’re coaching a hiring manager who’s barking up the wrong tree, or otherwise dealing with a candidate whose salary expectations are too far-fetched. It’s a ruff life, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You work hard.

puppies-01-1.gifAnd as a recruiter, you’re the ultimate caretaker.

puppies-03.gifA cat-herder, looking out for your candidates, coworkers and company all at once.

puppies-04.gifPeople have no idea how much of a corporate soap opera recruiting can be!

puppies-06.gifFull of ups and downs.

puppies-07.gifHard-to-fill reqs can be so tricky and haunt you for months.

puppy-gif-8.gifOn-sites can go wrong in so many ways.

puppy-gif-9.gifAnd losing a candidate is the worst feeling ever.

puppies-12.gifSo if it’s so difficult why do you do it? What makes you come into work everyday and keep trying?

puppies-14.gifBecause your wins aren’t just regular wins. Winning in your job means helping other people.

puppies-16.gifYou’re helping them achieve their dreams, and grow the company they believe in.

puppy-dreams-gif.gifSo on tough days, lean on your supporters.

puppies-19.gifRemember that the company is lucky to have you. And that you’ve changed many lives.

puppies-21.gifYour job is unique that way, the result of your work is so closely tied to others’ successes.

puppies-22.gifBut it’s what makes you love your job. And it’s always worth it.


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