Adapting to Distance: Lever Doing Its Part

There are some things you prepare for as a leader, and then there are challenges like the global crisis we face today. In my case, I had been prepared to lead our team toward many things—our growth goals, our product launches. Like many CEOs adapting to the rapid developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, I instead spent last week rapidly ensuring the health and safety of our team.

None of us asked to be challenged in this way, and this outbreak is already having an outsized impact on many industries and communities—some more than others. While we wait out uncertainty, I hope that we and other organizations can aspire to come out of this as even more resilient businesses, with stronger cultures, and as better teams. How we get there is by redoubling our focus on our customers.

At Lever, we are making it our priority to help our customers and other organizations adjust to a new reality. That’s how we believe we can do our part.

Today, we’re releasing an expanded solution for remote interviewing in partnership with Zoom. And to help organizations quickly adapt in response to COVID-19, we’re making those features available at no charge to all users of Lever through May 31st, 2020

Remote interviewing has become an unexpected and urgent need for many organizations. One early sign was a 50% week-over-week spike in interviews booked via Lever’s Zoom Integration, as many of our customers shifted to remote work. Our R&D team noted that trend, prioritized new features, and fast-tracked their development. 

Today’s launch expands Lever’s scheduling functionality and our Zoom Integration to seamlessly connect interviewers and candidates even when everybody involved is remote. With this expansion, we hope to help recruiting teams ensure continuity for their candidates. 

I’m proud of how my team has operated in the past few weeks — we had been prepared for business continuity and responded quickly when the time came to work remotely. However, I admit that I personally wasn’t prepared for much of what has been demanded of me emotionally. It’s been even more difficult anticipating the heavy impact and tragic loss that has yet to come.

In times like these, I’m all the more grateful for the community of people around me, which includes the team of Leveroos and our customers, and I wish you all care and wellbeing. As global events unfold and become ever-more present in our daily lives, I know everyone’s experience of this hardship will be personal and unique. For anyone already experiencing personal impact, our hearts are with you.

Lever customers looking to enable the Zoom Integration (free through May 31st), please contact us.

Any organization looking to enable remote interviewing with Lever + Zoom, get in touch with us here.