26 Winning Employee Nicknames: A Directory from A to Z

From Wisconsin? Wisconsinite. Berlin? Berliner. There are Chicagoans, Clevelanders, Barcelonians, and Vermonters. When you’re proud of your hometown, you rep it, and you happily embrace a nickname that connects you to your neighbors.

Today, many candidates are searching for that same deep sense of belonging in the workplace. That pride that drives them to identify as a Baltimorean or Bostonian? They’re looking for it when they become employees. And as they develop that strong loyalty to their team at work, they’re coming up with some fun, creative nicknames.

With this trend in mind, we embarked on a small quest – to discover an employee nickname for every letter of the alphabet. Take a look!

A: Argo

The Argonauts

B: Bain & Company

The Bainies

C: Clearslide

The Sliders


D: DoubleDutch

The DoubleDutchers

E: Eventbrite

The Britelings

2014 SF team, Large 5760x3840-2.jpg

F: Figma

The Figmoids

G: GitHub

The Hubbers 


H: Hootsuite

The Owls

I: Intercom

The Intercomrades

J: Jive Software

The Jivers

K: Klout

The Kloutlaws

L: Laurel & Wolf

The Laurel & Wolf Pack

M: Mobiquity

The Mobsters


The Wombats

O: Optimizely

The Optinauts

P: Pinterest

The Pinployees

Q: Quora

The Quorans


R: Reddit

The Redditors

S: Stripe

The Stripers


The TINTers

Tint photo.png

U: Udacity

The Udacians

V: Vettery

The Vetterans

IMG_6571-b (1).jpg

W: Warby Parker

The Warbles

X: Xola

The Xolites

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 3.10.58 PM.png

Y: Yelp

The Yelpers

Z: Zuora

The ZEOs

Employee nicknames can be as simple as an ‘n’, ‘ite’, or ‘er’ at the end of your company name. But if we learned anything through compiling this fun list, it’s that employee nicknames can reinforce some serious company pride and belonging. We Leveroos know from personal experience.

Nicknames not for you? There are countless other ways to foster inclusivity, starting with how you recruit. On November 15th, we’re getting specific about all the ways recruiting can shape culture – and we’re doing it 1980’s style. Join us!