9 Job Boards to Fill Your Recruiting Pipeline with Quality Talent

Posting a job to an online job board is arguably the fastest way to fill your pipeline for a role. But before you post to multiple boards, think carefully about which ones you use. A “spray and pray” strategy might fill your pipeline, but volume can be a detriment – rather than a boon – if you’re attracting the wrong talent.

Your recruiters will have to spend their time screening unqualified candidates out; time that could have been spent on creating great experiences for their highest-priority candidates. And if your recruiters let a few candidates slip through the cracks (i.e. they never get back to a candidate regarding their application status), it reflects poorly on your employer brand as well.

With hundreds of job boards out there, it’s anything but clear which sites will yield quality over quantity and help you find the specific talent you need. To shed some clarity on the topic and celebrate the launch of Lever’s recent job boards integration, we’re recognizing nine job boards that we think do a stand-out job of attracting quality talent.  

Specialized talent

Most job boards are destinations for all types of talent, but there are also more specialized sites that focus on specific skill sets. Often, such boards are first and foremost online communities where professionals can engage with one another and display their work.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a forum for programmers and developers to ask questions and get them answered. There are two ways to post a job to Stack: Publicly visible, or private. Public postings are visible on Stack’s job board and advertised through ads on their site (this is the most common option). Private postings give employers more control, and will only be seen by candidates they choose to message.


Engineers share, code, and contribute to open source projects on GitHub. Similarly to Stack Overflow, it’s a prime place to find engineering talent. Posting a job through GitHub is simple. You create your listing, pay, and it goes live immediately.


Dribbble is a website for designers to showcase their work and current projects. Naturally, it’s a fitting place to find designers. Dribbble lets you post to their job board and offers extra optionality, like a spotlight in their weekly newsletter and a “Pro Search” tool, which lets you run your own searches for candidates based on things like location and skills.

An extra bonus of using these three boards? Your applicants are probably showcasing their work on the sites, so you’ll have information beyond their resume that you can use to evaluate them.

Culture fit

Many recruiters consider hiring for “culture fit” a secondary concern after skills fit, but the saying “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch,” rings especially true for recruiting. Research shows that toxic hires ultimately cost companies more than what top performers generate in additional revenue, and they spread the toxicity to other coworkers. If you value attracting candidates who resonate with your mission, vision, and values from the very beginning, there are job boards out there to help.

The Muse

The Muse excels at employer branding, giving companies the chance to tell their stories through showcasing things like professional photos and video testimonials from current employees, right alongside their job postings. By giving candidates an authentic peek into your culture and what it’s like to work at your company, candidates who hold similar values will opt themselves in, while misfits can screen themselves out. In addition to its job board, The Muse establishes itself as a trusted resource by providing candidates career advice and career coaching packages from vetted professionals.  

Built In

Built In is a job board plus employer branding platform for companies hiring tech talent. With the tagline, “Recruit smarter, not harder,” Built In helps companies attract targeted and engaged talent through features like company profiles and branded content solutions. Want to meet candidates in person? Built In has that covered, too. Through their community events, companies have the chance to meet with hundreds of local professionals in person.


InHerSight describes itselft as a Glassdoor meets Match.com for women. Female employees can review companies based on 14 factors – from management opportunities to flexibility to salary satisfaction – and get matched with companies that have what they’re looking for. As with The Muse, companies on InHerSight have the opportunity to showcase their brand on a dedicated company profile page – and the proof will be in the pudding with your company reviews.

New grads

University career fairs aren’t the only place to reach the year’s upcoming class of new grads. There are targeted job boards, too.


WayUp is a platform for employers to hire students and recent grads for job and internship opportunities. In addition to the traditional “post a job and wait for applicants to come in,” model,  companies can browse candidate profiles and invite candidates who stand out to apply for their jobs and internships. On WayUp, job posts are only shown to candidates who meet the specific qualifications the company sets, and with one click, companies can post to students at all schools in the U.S.


Handshake is one of the most popular job boards for companies to find students for internships and full-time jobs. Over three million students from 170+ universities use the site. If you have roles where you know you’ve had success recruiting new grads in the past, hone in your search on a site like Handshake.


Some job seekers are actively looking for a new job, while others are more passively to open new opportunities. Most job boards cater to the former, but it’s smart to make yourself available to the latter as well, especially because passive talent is often high quality talent. They have the time to carefully weigh their options, and make a move for the right opportunity. Mobile job apps that make job searching easy at any time or place are an effective way to reach this type of talent.


With the tagline, “Job discovery for people with jobs,” Switch is a mobile app with clear benefits for candidates who haven’t committed to a full-blown job hunt. Candidates can make a profile via their details on the LinkedIn (no need for a cover letter or updated resume), and it’s anonymous, meaning they don’t have to worry about their current employer finding out they’re on the market. It works like the dating app, Tinder. Candidates and employers are only introduced to each other once there’s a match (mutual interest), which saves all parties valuable time. (Disclosure, Switch is currently only available in San Francisco and New York.)


With so many job boards out there, we recommend trying one or two boards and tracking the quality of candidates that apply. Lever’s job board integrations let you post to any board you want, while reporting provides end-to-end tracking to help determine job board success by role. With bulk posting via JobTarget, all of your open roles can be posted to the boards of your choice at once. Learn more about how to save time and target high-performing job sources with Lever’s integration, here.

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