7 Ways to Celebrate Global Talent Acquisition Day at Your Office

employees celebrating on talent acquisition day

Next Wednesday, September 4th marks a day to celebrate all those in talent acquisition that have enabled your great company to make hires and scale to the level that you’re at today. But how can you celebrate those that make your lives easier, as opposed to your talent acquisition team just feeling like they’re the ones that “get” people to work for you, but then don’t get the credit they deserve?

We’ve gathered a list of ideas to help guide your way to making Talent Acquisition Day a win for the TA team at your company.

Talent Acquisition Day Activities

1) Tag your Talent Acquisition team on social

It’s time to team up with your social team and acknowledge all the people that help you make great hires. The website “I Love Talent Acquisition” provides a ton of social assets to help for FREE. Even better if you show the love from your company handle to get the word out and put a face to this team for strong talent to engage and connect with

Pro Tip: Provide selfie card station in the office for people to take photos with and include a place for team members to write a message directly to the team to praise them for their hard work throughout the year.

2) Host a happy hour with your TA team on Talent Acquisition Day

“I Love Talent Acquisition” also provides a list of happy hours coming up to celebrate the day on September 4th. Labor Day may have come and gone, but guaranteed your talent acquisition team would love to attend a happy hour and connect with other peers moving the industry to keep the party going. Find a local event or host one internally to celebrate the day with them, or encourage they take the proper time to celebrate amongst their peers.

3) Order sweet treats for Talent Acquisition Day

There’s no shortage of delicious treats to pick from to let your TA team know they’ve been good to you. Research your favorite sweet treats to order and leave for the team with a signed card to let them know they are appreciated.

Pro Tip: A nice touch is ensuring the team knows their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Having the executive team or a member nominated from each team across the company write individual notes about their impact can help ensure your team feels appreciated and acknowledged for the work they do.

4) Have an outdoor party

Having a food truck party might be our favorite way to celebrate if you have the means. Bring in lunch to treat your TA team and others. We don’t have to tell you how much people love free food. Just that it’s the perfect day to make it happen for your team to celebrate.

5) Host a lunch and learn with your TA team

Host a “TA For A Day” open house for your team so that other departments can visit and get to know your day-to-day. At Lever during onboarding, we host a roleplaying session for hiring managers to be aware of how they can help their TA team make great hires and not fall into any pitfalls of disorganization. Think of fun ways to leverage this day to educate your company on their part to helping the team make great hires.

6) Get the whole company involved

Post in a Slack channel that reaches the company to help them acknowledge the fantastic TA team. Hang posters to remind everyone walking by at the office to acknowledge the team throughout the day.

7) Decorate their office area

Who doesn’t love confetti, balloons, and streamers? Spending a small amount can go a long way to recognizing the team and ensuring they feel the love.

Not enough ideas? Check out this page for more ways to celebrate and honor your awesome team this September 4th at your office.