5 Interviewing Hacks to Increase Your Hiring Efficiency in 2018

Your interviewers aren’t submitting feedback as quickly as you’d like. You’re worried that a few people on the team are asking candidates the same questions. You spend way too long looking at your hiring manager’s schedule to find open slots that match your candidate’s. If any of these recruiting pains resonate with you, we want to throw a few simple solutions your way.

For our newest ebook, we gathered 101+ recruiting hacks to help teams amplify their growth in 2018. In our chapter on ‘interviewing’, we list of series of tactics to eradicate the tricky challenges above. The idea is that once you dismantle these common interviewing roadblocks, you’ll be able to hire faster, and with just as much thoughtfulness. In this post, we share 5 of our favorite simple hacks. For 99 more simple but impactful tricks, download our full ebook here.

1) Block 15 minutes on each interviewer’s calendar after the interview to get feedback in

Quick feedback submission allows you to move more quickly with candidates, making it a crucial part of the interview process to get right. When your interviewers put it off, however, it can serve as a roadblock to your success. This hack is meant to nip that problem in the bud. Help your team allot time for feedback by including time for it in their interview invite, and save them from viewing the minutes spent as an extra burden.

2) Use Easy Book to help candidates self-schedule

Interview scheduling can involve endless back-and-forth with your candidate and wind up eating hours of your day-to-day. You can rip that tedious work right out of your responsibilities. Make it effortless for candidates to schedule their own interviews using Easy Book, and you can spend less time coordinating them yourself and more time on efforts like strategic recruiting and smart collaboration with your team. Bonus: The interviewer and candidate will both receive a calendar invite once the time is booked, a perk that takes yet another task right off your plate.

3) Spotlight new hires at company-wide meetings

As much as you may want to, you can’t involve all of your coworkers in every recruiting process. Instead of creating a 10-person interview panel, find other creative ways to engage more people. By sharing facts about new hires’ interview processes before they join, you can bring your whole team behind the hiring scenes. At your weekly all-hands meetings, talk about your candidate’s background, how they’ll impact the team, and what you learned in the process. At Lever, we like to share the “turning point” – the moment when the balance tipped in favor of the candidate joining the company – to help us recruit better in future.

4) Standardize 4-point ratings instead of 5

Don’t give interviewers a “neutral” or “middle” option – they may just sit on the fence. Instead, ask them to form an opinion. At Lever, we use the following categories: “1: Strong no hire”, “2: No hire”, “3: Hire”, and “4: Strong hire”. This will force your team to think more deeply about whether or not they see a strong fit, and it will actually increase your overall hiring efficiency and speed. If everyone is pushed to take a strong stance right when they submit feedback, you can more easily tally positive vs. negative hiring decisions and get back to your candidate with an update.

5) Give every new interviewer a cheat sheet

There’s a lot of information you’ll want to share with interviewers about how to effectively interview for your open role. First off, we suggest creating an interviewer training (or just a sync if you have experienced interviewers) right after you open a new role with a new hiring team. Inevitably, there will be new logistics to cover and context to give them. Afterwards, however, a summary will be enormously helpful to your team. Create a quick cheat sheet with details like sample questions, qualities to prioritize in that candidate, and tips for how they can authentically share their own story and that of the company. If you need help building the sheet, don’t be afraid to reach out to your hiring manager for help.

Looking for the rest of our time-saving interviewing hacks? You can find the rest – along with strategies to help you source, leverage data in recruiting, and drive hiring collaboration – in our free ebook. Download it instantly here, and share your new ideas with the rest of your team. Together, you can scale faster than ever before in 2018.