4 Quotes That Show How Much Successful Founders Care About Hiring


Remember when recruiting was about posting a job online and watching the applications flood in? When company leadership didn’t have to make recruiting a top company priority just to stay competitive?

All of that has changed. Today, the growth in demand for skilled workers dramatically outpaces supply, and attracting and retaining talent is a top strategic priority for CEOs globally.

In fact, the distinguished speakers in our two most recent webinarsRon Storn, the VP of people at Lyft, and David Skok, general partner at the VC firm, Matrix Partners – say that recruiting is so critical for a company’s success that executive leadership should spend between 60 to 80 percent of their time on hiring during periods of rapid growth.

Not only that, but the name of the hiring game has changed so much in recent years that David says you need to hire a recruiter as soon as post-Series A, when you’re still only a handful of people. This is a radical shift away from previous modes of thinking, when startups would often wait until they reached around 50 employees to bring a recruiter on board.

Successful startups are catching on to these shifts. We asked four founders and talent leaders to talk candidly about their experiences hiring, and their sentiment around the importance of hiring was unanimous. Here’s what they had to say:

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