4 Great Reasons Candidate Sourcing is Worth the Investment

Proactively sourcing candidates requires a mindshift away from the volume-based recruiting methods of the past, toward a more personalized recruitment experience for fewer top candidates.

It may seem counterintuitive to spend more time on fewer candidates, but focusing on the best talent will result in hiring the best talent.

Here are four clear benefits you can expect to reap by switching to a proactive sourcing strategy.

1. You’ll see better candidate quality

Make this your new recruiting mantra: Quality, not quantity. Your search for the best candidates should be a directed one: a concentrated effort in a competitive market, not “spray and pray.”

Directing your efforts toward strategically sourcing top candidates, rather than spending time weeding out high volumes of average candidates, will allow you to give each of them the personalized attention they need to choose your company.

With fewer candidates in your pipeline, you will have more time to get to know each one and build meaningful relationships with them. You will learn their motivations, and they’ll learn more about your team and what it would be like to be part of it. Personalized attention will keep your candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process and, over time, will assure the candidate that your company is where they want to work. Then, when the time comes to make an offer, you will have the best candidates to choose from. Top candidates have their choice of companies to work for, so you have to be on your game if you want to win the top performers to your team.

Once you get into the habit of recruiting high-quality candidates, it will become easier to recruit more – top talent attracts top talent. Your candidates aren’t just evaluating your career opportunity and hiring manager, they’re evaluating your entire team. Great candidates want to work for, and alongside, colleagues who will complement them, challenge them, and allow them to do their best work. When a candidate feels that they would be part of a successful team, helping to build a successful company, they will be more enthusiastic about coming on board.

2. You’ll improve candidate experience

Focusing on top talent and providing each candidate with personalized attention also improves your candidate experience. While a high-volume pipeline requires you to archive and reject candidates in bulk, a quality pipeline lets you focus on nurturing candidates until they’re ready to make a move. Each candidate will feel more like a respected recruit than one of many faceless candidates – helping you stand out as a potential employer and as a hiring team with a brand.

3. You’ll strengthen your employer brand

With an improvement in the candidate experience also comes an improvement in your employer brand. People want to work for a company that treats its candidates and employees with respect. As your employer brand improves, so will your ability to hire more great talent.

4. You’ll ultimately decrease time to fill

At the outset, proactively reaching out to people who haven’t voiced an interest in your company can feel daunting and time-consuming. But once you’ve laid the initial groundwork, with ongoing sourcing and nurturing, you will have a candidate pipeline full of qualified talent to choose from when you have a position to fill.

This allows you to begin interviewing the moment a position opens up, or after another candidate declines an offer. Rather than having to start over with a dry pipeline, you will have quality candidates ready to go. While other teams are plagued by talent shortages, you will be able to reduce your time to fill newly opened roles.

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