3 Off-the-Cuff Recruitment Strategies to Add to Your Arsenal

Seventy six percent of hiring decision makers say attracting quality candidates is their biggest challenge. Everyone knows that top-tier talent is in high demand, and that it’s important to stand out if you want candidates to consider interviewing—let alone accepting an offer. If you want your pick of the litter, try these off-the-cuff recruitment strategies to get the best candidates to come to you.

1. Host events

While most talent acquisition professionals are utilizing online sourcing methods, you can stand out to candidates by meeting them face-to-face. Attract both active and passive talent to your event by focusing on networking and education, rather than recruiting. For instance, host a hackathon or bootcamp to meet technical talent.Consider partnering with a professional association to drive attendees, and to produce an event those attendees would be particularly interested in. These associations often look for companies to offer their space, and maybe some food and beverages. This can be a really useful diversity recruitment strategy as well, if you partner with the communities that underrepresented groups participate in.

2. Start an employer blog

Candidates are researching your company before applying and responding to outreach. If you haven’t already, start an employer blog to share workplace stories that would be appealing to top-tier talent. Make the blog prominent on your career site, and promote your posts via social media to expand their reach.

Ask employees to get involved and share their career stories on the blog. This is an authentic way to engage candidates, and show them how they can benefit from joining your organization. For instance, if you have a candidate who quit their last role due to lack of career advancement, send that candidate a blog post that discusses how an employee has advanced their career at your company.

3. Work with media outlets

Take your workplace stories a step further, and share them with the media—particularly when there’s something unique or newsworthy about your company. If, for instance, you’ve just revamped your parental benefits to be the best in your industry, reach out to journalists that have recently covered similar stories. If your news is compelling, your organization could get a feature article—or be included on a “Best Places to Work” list.

Also consider how non-recruiting-related news could help you recruit top-tier talent. If your organization has a strong sense of community and participates in philanthropy events, press coverage can help further your chosen cause—while attracting candidates who share your values.


When you want to attract top-tier talent, it pays to go off the beaten path. Events, blog posts, and press stories help you get in front of candidates that may not have otherwise considered your organization. Through these off-the-cuff recruitment strategies, you can authentically show your candidates why they should want to work at your company. That way, when it’s time to make an offer, you can choose the best possible candidate for your role—and still have plenty of great candidates left to nurture for future roles.