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[New eBook] 101+ Recruiting Hacks to Accelerate Your Hiring in 2018

We know how it goes. You eagerly make a resolution in time for January 1, intent on sticking to it. Sometime later - it could be months, weeks, or even mere days - other pressing priorities arise, and your ambitious plan goes out the window. “I’ll get to it eventually,” you think.

Does that ever happen with your recruiting resolutions? Do you think: “This is the year I finally follow up with candidates within 24 hours,” or “I’m actually going to organize an interview training each quarter,” but you never quite make it happen? You’re insanely busy, and you simply don’t have the time to standardize new guidelines or map out trainings. Understandable, right? Actually, not so much. That’s what we’re here to talk about.

Those resolutions don’t have to be time-consuming. Using the most efficient techniques, you can follow through with your ‘reach’ goals, and save time doing it.

In our new ebook, we share more than 100 recruiting hacks - 103, to be exact - to help you do exactly that. Our hacks span eight recruiting categories - sourcing and referrals, hiring manager-recruiter collaboration, candidate experience, data-driven recruiting, and more - but are bound together by one common theme: they can seriously accelerate your hiring in 2018.

To best concoct this powerful set of tips, tricks and shortcuts, we sought the advice of a few seasoned recruiting hackers. We open the ebook with reflections from Stacy Zapar, Founder of Tenfold & Talent Agency, on how recruiters can make small adjustments in their day-to-day that pay huge dividends. Then, alongside hacks learned on Lever’s journey, we feature bright ideas from the exceptional teams at Netflix, Medallia, Engagio, Thread, Whisper and LevelUp that drive the point home.

We can’t wait for you to dig in and help your recruiting team become more productive and goal-crushing. And now that we’ve shared our hacks, you have no excuse for deprioritizing your New Year’s recruiting resolutions. There are 103 ideas to try out in this book - we’d bet money that more than one will work.

2018 is the year you hire smarter. The year you hire faster.

Download our ebook here. Happy hacking!


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