10 Top Talent Leaders Reveal Their Excruciating Mistakes

Recently, recruiting luminary Stacy Donovan Zapar joined us for a webinar to reveal her biggest recruiting mistakes. Captivated by her candor, our audience left energized with insights to draw from as they face their own recruiting challenges.

We left the webinar with our own invigorating thought: What if we could get other recruiting leaders to share their biggest blunders? Would they be comfortable owning up to their past missteps, so that other recruiters could learn from them?  

Fortunately, the answer was yes.

Nine more top talent leaders bravely shared their top recruiting mistakes with us. We asked them about the wrong decisions that remain etched in their mind. Would they build relationships differently with candidates today? If they could go back in time, which interview processes would they change?

As directors and managers at respected recruiting organizations, they had a wide range of experiences to convey. When they told us about the time they lost touch with their favorite candidate, for example, or the moment they realized they made the wrong hire, they didn’t hold back.

And ultimately, these 10 recruiting experts reminded us of how truly difficult it is to be a recruiter.

Take a look at our slideshare to see their painful mistakes, along with the lessons they learned the hard way.

Our special thanks to Stacy Donovan Zapar, Tim Sackett, Chris Shaw, Betty Tsan, Sabrina Oldham, Tenzing Bhutia, Anik Das, Alex Lebovic, Andrea Garvey and Amanda Bell for willingly sharing their experience.