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Molly Stark
Molly Stark
Head of People Experience

“We have the highest candidate NPS in our history.”

doug tetzner
Doug Tetzner
Director, Executive Search

Luan Lam talent leader
Luan Lam
Talent Advisor

“We set up our companies with Lever so we can forecast hiring for them.”

jay budner UCSF
Jay Budner
Exec. Dir., Strategic Talent Development

“Improves our web presence thru a seamless platform.”

Chris Mulhall
Chris Mulhall
VP Talent, Organizational Effectiveness

“100% of our hiring managers are involved.”

Lucian Ivan
Lucian Ivan
Head of Talent Acquisition

“It’s Lever that’s enabling our crazy growth.”

Transform your business.

Business transformation requires talent transformation.

The next-gen talent leaders have the reach of a marketing leader,
the forecast ability of a sales leader and the insights of a finance leader.

Build relationships. Predict hiring needs. Deliver data-driven
talent insights.

The Lever Talent Suite enables teams to work together in one system, across every phase of the talent lifecycle. Manage relationships, not applicants.
Recruiting Analytics

Talent Pipeline

Lever Hire

Our talent pipeline platform unifies the candidate lifecycle and captures the actions, engagements, decisions in a unified talent database.

Recruiting candidate nurturing

Talent Marketing

Lever Nurture

Talent marketing starts as soon as a relationship begins, leveraging your talent relationship database to drive engagement, bringing the best people to your new opportunities.

recruiting analytics and metrics

Talent Intelligence

Lever Analytics

Talent intelligence provides the insights and metrics you need to manage your hiring plan, improve your hiring pipeline.

Lever Collaboration Tools

Unified Processes, Data and Profiles

Talent Cloud Connect

Connects people, systems and business processes across talent and HR systems delivering automated workflows and real-time data flow.

recruiting product

Lever Talent Suite

Source, nurture, interview, hire, measure. See how Lever’s modern talent software helps you hire better people faster.

What makes Lever different?

recruiting software favorite

Manage relationships, not applicants

hiring analytics

Respond to interest and engagement data

Leverage your talent database with a unified and consistent data model

recruiting metrics and analytics

Bring all of your recruiting channels together

recruiting communication and collaboration

See the full picture of talent relationships when making decisions

lever for recruiting and connecting with candidates

Enable teams to work together in one system, across every phase of the talent relationship

“Lever is a genius piece of software.”

Lisa DeClercq
HR Director at Mango

Don’t take our word for it.
Lever is rated “most recommended”
and “easiest to use.”

best recruiting software g2crowd
best recruiting software
G2crowd reviews lever

“Building out templates in conjunction with their Easy Book links allows me to schedule 50 interviews in a few clicks of the mouse. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Ease of use, intuitive navigation, easy to train new hires on.

Nice default reports, easy to customize to get exactly what you’re looking for.”

Best Recruiting Software
best recruiting software

“Great product. We’re hiring faster than ever.

From the very beginning, Lever was high-touch and hands-on with their implementation. This made what I thought would be the hardest part
of the process very easy.

Great UI, very intuitive. Far easier to get hiring managers to use a product that operates so easily.”

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